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Kim has been a certified language arts instructor for seven years and has over 20 years of experience in technical and Creative Writing. Her training in language arts, English literature, Multicultural literature, philosophy, and Creative Writing qualifies her to draw from diverse perspectives and apply what is necessary to the task.
Kim believes that communication is key and that all parties should be confident in the resolution of all assignments. She will take measures to ensure that the ideal and the reality of that resolution are as congruent as possible.


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Kim R's Health Industry Experience

30 Projects Completed

Kim has written several articles concerning prevention of ill health, maintenance of good health, and improvement of ill health.

Industry Projects

  • Education100+
  • Consumer Goods20+
  • Health20+
  • Entertainment20+
  • Business10+
  • Electronics6
  • Green Products2

Summary of Industry Experience


Kim has training and experience in education and has written at least 45 articles for the industry. Many of these articles concern the effects of education on life skills and decisions. Her areas of concentration are history, social studies, language arts, literature, English, creative writing, and philosophy. She has taught the mechanics of grammar and writing for ten years in various public and private schools, and has been a private tutor for over 25 years.

Consumer Goods

Kim has written numerous articles about consumer products. She has experience comparing and recommending products. She is very thorough in her research and meticulous with her comments.


Kim has written several articles concerning prevention of ill health, maintenance of good health, and improvement of ill health.


Kim has written many articles concerning a wide variety of performing arts. She has written book, music, and movie reviews for blogs and online magazines.


Kim has written many articles concerning business practices and policies. She has experience in the fields of human resources and employee services.


Kim has written several articles about electronics, especially comparison reviews about specific products. She has experience in retail as well as repair and keeps up with the latest trends in electronic gadgets and products.

Green Products

Kim has written many essays about green products and is able to include personal experience into many of them that most articles do not include. For example, the article on diatomaceous earth prompted her to use it herself and she was able to include some facts about its usage that were not available in her research.

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