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Karin has contributed to various online publications since 2009 and enjoys writing about equines, canines, crafting and business. She operates her own crafting business and publishes regular blog posts regarding her projects.


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Karin enjoys designing jewelry, working with paper art, creating faux floral arrangements and upcycling trash into treasure. She highlights her work at local sales and online via social media and blog posts.


Karin is the proud owner of four rescued animals: one mule, one donkey and two black Labrador Retriever mix dogs. As such, she continuously educates herself on better methods of pet care and training.

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Karin Napier contributes to various online publications, specializing in topics related to canines, equines and business. She holds career diplomas in bridal consulting, business management and accounting essentials. Napier is a Sunday school teacher, a certified veterinary assistant and current student pursuing certification in natural health care for pets.

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Karin operates her own blog and regularly posts regarding her craft projects, whether the outcome is successful or unsuccessful. She writes her posts in a personable, conversational voice to engage her readers and make them feel comfortable in her craft room. Karin has been posting to her blog for over a year.

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Routine Facebook posts were part of Karin's daily routine as a sales associate and she currently maintains a direct sales Facebook page as well as a personal crafting page. The goal is to heighten interest in the products, techniques or topics that her posts focus upon.

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Karin has performed as web designer and webmaster with basic design and HTML skills for six small businesses in her town. Each page of every site has been carefully detailed according to the wishes of her clients.

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