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John has three decades of business experience on which to draw for copywriting. He was an independent business to business telemarketing representative and has interviewed tens of thousands of people in many industries for business to business market research projects. His experience as a supervisor has taught him to write clearly and succinctly. John's blog posts on religious, political and philosophical issues often generate lively discussion on social media.

John consistently receives positive feedback from his clients on articles and copy for landing pages. He keeps the needs of potential customers in mind when writing copy for local SEO, so that a person searching for a service in a particular city or neighborhood can easily find the client's site.

John learned to write clearly and concisely as a supervisor at a market research firm. He needs to be sure that the people he supervises clearly understand the purpose of a project and how to do their assigned tasks. He must write clear and concise reports to his own supervisors. John regularly conducts telephone interviews for business to business market research projects. Many of these surveys are about published material. Interviewing users of published material has helped John to understand and avoid obstacles to understanding in his own writing.

Interviewing has given John an understanding of many different industries and the challenges faced by the people who work in them. John worked on one such project for an insurance company. He interviewed agents about a computer system that the insurance company used to communicate with the agents. One of the questions on the survey asked the agents what would make the network more useful. When John received a highly technical response to the question, he simply asked, "How would that make it more useful?" This simple probing question yielded information that the client could use to improve the system.


John specializes in writing about business subjects that are prone to jargon and making them clear for the average reader. John's most regular clients are in the automotive field.


John enjoys reading and writing about parenting issues, religion, philosophy, and politics. He likes to go hiking and has recently taken an interest in photography. He still clings to his boyhood interest in pinball, and plays basketball when he can.


The Ohio State University

Concentrated on American and British Literature


200 Projects Completed

John was asked to write an article for an online trade publication after the editor read some of his blog posts.

John has also written many articles for Textbroker for their general business clients. These assignments are usually copy for websites or landing pages for very small businesses.


80 Projects Completed

John is a member of the Legal Rock Star Team at Textbroker. He writes blog posts for attorney blogs about topical issues related to the attorney's practice area. John most enjoys writing about intellectual property issues and emerging legal complications related to same sex marriage.


70 Projects Completed

John regularly receives direct orders through Textbroker from automotive clients. These are usually for landing pages for garages or other automotive services. They are usually brief descriptions of the services or reminders for customers to bring in their vehicles for seasonal maintenance. Some of John's direct orders are to describe services offered by vendors to other automotive service providers.


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