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Johnnie's level of experience in the fields most likely to be needed for Writer Access includes blog posts on several subjects, mostly current events, pop culture, and sports.
Business writing in the form of press releases, product description like book blurbs and promotional emails. And short to medium adds.
He is capable of writing short to medium articles on various subjects, such as product descriptions, health and fitness, pop culture, news events, and sports.
Johnnie has published three novels, and has done ads and promotional pieces for all three.
Johnnie is a script writer capable of writing full length fictional scripts, radio and television commercials, and rewrites on all types of scripts.
Johnnie can edit or do re-writes of existing material.
Johnnie wrote the screenplays for the films Soulsville, Heart and Soul, and Satan's Run.
Current agent Tom Lee:
email: chicagocatorange@yahoo.com

Johnnie wrote and published the novels 88 Ways to Die, The Kilo Connection, and Missing Angel, He also wrote the book blurbs and promotional material.
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Johnnie has blogged on several topics



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Summary of Industry Experience


Johnnie has participated in sports for several years. At the times he's written a blog, sports related posts were a big part of his subjects.


Most of Johnnie's entertainment work has been in the area of film making, mostly writing scripts for projects.


Johnnie has acted as his own publisher for his books. He has developed marketing strategies, and searched out marketing websites and programs to become associated with. He has written ad copy and promotional copy for all of his books.

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