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Daron W. is a published (self- and otherwise) third-party author for a major tabletop game publisher. In addition to over six years of administrative writing experience, Daron has authored over one hundred high-rated and well-reviewed products under a trade name, and also works as a freelance author and content editor for several other third-party publishers.

Daron excels at maintaining a consistent "voice" across a series of pieces or articles, and comfortably straddles the line between conversational and corporate.
Real Estate


Though most experienced with correspondence and copy-writing in property management and general administrative fields, Daron's mother assures him that he is also very funny. Daron W. specializes in both technical writing and in more approachable, humorous article- and copy-writing (though, alas, he has yet to find a way to combine these).

As a professional tabletop gaming author, Daron writes instruction manuals, rules-expansions, and rules-variants compatible with an immensely popular tabletop role-playing game. This unique specialty combines technical writing with immersive prose.


Daron W. is an avid reader, an animal-lover, a professional (ahem) tabletop gamer, a devout atheist, and a firm believer in the idea that the meaning of life must amount to something very close to: "have as much fun as you can before something kills you."


101 Projects Completed

Daron has over six years of experience with corporate correspondence of all kinds, and specializes in a consistent and firm -- but approachable -- tone.


100 Projects Completed

Though adept at reviews and product descriptions, Daron W. specializes in writing or summarizing rules-text and rules-variants for both digital and tabletop games.

Real Estate

50 Projects Completed

Daron W. benefits from extensive experience in the property management field, and excels in the creation of newsletters, coupons, flyers, and related marketing elements.


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