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James H. is a widely-acclaimed internet article writer with nearly 10 years of professional writing experience. He has written literally thousands of articles on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from social issues to cooking articles.

But his basic milieu is writing historical and biographical sketches on well-known historical events and persons of note. His articles have been and continues to be published on numerous websites.

His college credits includes a mastery of the English Language as well as Medical Terminology and Legal Terminology.


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Have written numerous articles on secular education in various fields, ie; science, business, courses, preparations for test, etc.


Have written numerous articles on legal matters, particularly matters dealing with drunk-driving related cases.


James H. has also written many medical articles for various medical websites.


James H. Has written many articles about music, ranging from jazz to contemporary music, which has been published and continues to be published on numerous websites.

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I have written numerous articles for various websites, in fact, I have written more articles than I can personally recount, but they have been on a wide variety of subjects.

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