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Janel Kane is a freelance writer, marketing consultant and designer in the Denver area. Janel is also a chef, a fitness professional, an entrepreneur, a book lover and world traveler, and more. She brings her passion for life's experiences to her writing and delivers unique content.

Janel writes authoritatively on a variety of subjects, delivers on time and brings outstanding commitment to quality research and superior content. She excels with SEO and matching her client's voice. She is seeking to expand her writer's market with clients that need expert writing and professional standards.


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I have four years of traditional job experience in Sales and Marketing and related support fields. As I entered the world of entrepreneurship, I saw many of my fellow small businesses struggling to make marketing work for them. I realized that I could translate the lessons I learned in traditional business, along with new forms of social media and online marketing, into micro-business applications to help my fellow entrepreneurs take control of their marketing.


I have a BS degree in hospitality management and worked as a chef for 10 years. I love food and love to cook, and love to write about food and cooking. I have written on the subject for several happy clients, you won't be disappointed.


I am an aspiring fiction author working on several novels for future publication. When I began writing, I started to meet other writers and authors that were trying to find their audience. The more I learned about the publishing world, the more opportunities I found to apply the lessons I learned in business to help my fellow writers. I maintain a small blog on the subject of author branding, marketing and sales.

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Janel delivers journalistic style articles on a variety of subjects. She can speak to any specified audience persona and match tone to publication style.

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Janel routinely provides ghost written blog posts for clients, blogs herself and guest posts for others. Blogging is a medium she knows well.

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