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Pamela S. is a social media manager for a 190 year-old manufacturing company that specializes in made in USA housewares, and the author of the blog Go Retro, which pays tribute to the people, places and things of the pop culture past, and where Pamela's skills as a researcher, reporter and journalist excel. As a social media manager, Pamela writes and creates original content for all of the company's social media channels, as well as the company blog which is written in the "voice" of the company's 19th century founder. She is also a copywriter, having written product descriptions and web copy that is optimized for search engine rankings. In addition to this experience, Pamela worked for nearly 8 years as a marketing communications specialist writing everything from sales collateral to case studies and newsletters in the digital advertising space.

Prior to joining WritersAccess.com, Pamela researched and wrote several articles for the web content hub Helium.com, focusing on the areas of health, nutrition, fitness, and home decorating.


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Pamela has written several original articles for EllaDaily.com and MomIQ.tv, community sites that represent content aimed at women and moms in the areas of fashion, health, fitness, food, kids' activities and more.


Pamela has written articles for the content hub Helium.com in the areas of health, fitness, and nutrition that were purchased and published by sites specializing in this content. Pamela is passionate about sharing health information that can help improve people's lives.


Pamela has written entertainment-focused articles for the website EllaDaily.com, a content site aimed at young women who are into fashion, beauty, music and movies. She has also authored the blog Go Retro, which celebrates the people, places and things of the pop culture past.

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