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Jared has eight years of teaching and writing experience, covering composition, formatting, literature, and film. This includes three years teaching conversational English in Hiroshima, leading workshops on "To Kill a Mockingbird," analyzing the shower scene in "Psycho," and reading far too many essays about sandy Florida beaches!

He is used to producing detailed, individualized, helpful feedback for his students with a short turnaround time, which should translate to meeting deadlines for you.


Jared specializes in the traditional five-paragraph essay, but is perfectly capable with press releases and news writing.


Jared is interested in Euro board games, strategy video games, iPad gaming, superhero movies (he saw the first Avengers movie on opening night) modern literature (particularly Bret Easton Ellis and Vladimir Nabokov) and online education.


Western Illinois University

Master's degree in English literature.


250 Projects Completed

Jared has five years of experience as an online educator. In addition to providing weekly lectures for his composition classes, he rewrote the entire curriculum for Colorado Technical University Online's freshman composition course.


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