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Hollie was previously employed by her local Church. Her duties there included: writing a monthly newsletter, Hollie's main responsibility for writing the newsletter was gathering information and correctly typing the information into newsletter format. In order to achieve a sharp looking newsletter, she used Microsoft Publisher.

Hollie also was dedicated to type of up a Safe Sanctuaries Policy for the Church. The United Methodist Church put a call out that all Churches in the Denomination adopt a written policy stating with specific rules which would keep all members safe from predators while within the Church doors and during church functions. It includes sections on precautionary measures taken so that children and the handicapped remain in a safe environment, and gives details to how we ensure those working with youth are credible. The policy also states what will happen if allegations come against anyone in the Church. Hollie has been told that this policy has been made a model for other Churches when they are asked to write their own policy.

The Church also utilizes a screen for Call to Worship, hymns and sermon notes during services. Hollie's was responsible for entering these things into Powerpoint and Mediashout. Proofreading was a big part of this job, making sure things were clear for the average parishioner, and to cut down on mistakes on the screen.


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Hollie is very concerned about the education of our young people--the future of our nation. She has written "Letters to the Editor" to the local paper, and has had the opportunity to correspond via email to school board members from the district in which she lives.


Living in a farming community, Hollie is surrounded by agriculture. She spent much of her childhood on her grandfather's farm, and enjoys going to visit her sister's dairy farm. All of Hollie's siblings have gone into the farming industry and she admires and takes great pride in their choice to feed the world.


Hollie is of Christian Faith and believes that that is more than just a religion. She currently attends a small United Methodist Church of about 170 members. Hollie served and continues to serve in this church in many capacities, including: Volunteer during Vacation Bible school, Sunday school ministries, United Methodist Women member and president, technical operator (computer and sound during services), and Church Treasurer/Secretary.


Hollie has had to perfect skills in budgeting over the last few years. For the past eight years, her husband and she have been raising a family of five on primarily one income. In addition, for the last two years, they have been living on a cash only basis. This is not a skill that comes naturally, but has been refined in the last 14 years of marriage.

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