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David is a freelance writer who brings to the table years of experience with different writing styles.

For as long as he can remember, David has been reading and writing anything he could think of: Fiction, articles, blogs, websites, songs, poems, historical documents, etc. Throughout time, the one thing humans have depended on the most are their words. The right word can save a relationship, the wrong word can start a war. David's philosophy is that words have meaning, and as such should be carefully chosen and placed to best suit the reader's needs. Different writing styles are like different languages, and sometimes, no one style is correct. Because of this, he believes in mastering more than one style to suit the needs of the project at hand.

Aspiring to be a writer of fiction grounded in reality, David strives to understand as much as possible about anything he comes across, and is what you'd call a fast learner, even when it comes to things he never knew he'd want to know about.


David specializes in topics like books, technology, video games, music, movies, entertainment, and history. His writing specialties include content creation, informative articles, opinion articles, news, reviews, and announcements. He isn't afraid to attempt new topics or adopt different styles of writing.


David's true love is fiction, and isn't limited to any one subject or medium. Literature, music, film, video games; literary, science fiction, fantasy, horror; David loves to take in and create all kinds of other worlds.


Metropolitan Community College

David began attending Metropolitan Community College the same year he graduated high school, and completed his associates degree in 2009.


4 Projects Completed

David has written and self-published a novel, a novella, and two short story collections. As any writer will tell you, writing is only half the work, and David has also done edited and marketed for his works, including building several websites and designing, commissioning, and even creating artwork and advertisements, book trailers, and press releases.

He is also interested in the traditional publishing world, and stays up-to-date on industry news including market trends, new releases, and book representation.


1 Projects Completed

For several months, David was a staff writer for a now-defunct Nintendo news, reviews, and analysis website. His gaming interests aren't limited to Nintendo, and David enjoys video games on all platforms, including all consoles, PC, handheld devices, and smartphones and tablets. David knows a great game can spring up anywhere, and when it does, he won't hesitate to write about it.


1 Projects Completed

David is an avid fan of music, in particular alternative rock, and will take almost any chance he can get to write about it. He enjoys delving into the pasts of the bands he listens to and writes about, attempting to gain an understanding of their creative process in the hopes of better expressing the final product to himself and to other people who might be interested.


72 Projects Completed

David has written over 70 articles for web content companies, including company histories, news articles, informative and comparative articles, and company profiles and biographies.

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