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Diana is currently a freelance writer for a local newspaper. Her assignments generally include persons of interest stories as well as local community and school events.

Previously she held a position with a local TV station where she was an on air newscaster. Her job included gathering and writing news stories for a 30 minute broadcast.

Diana has experience writing ad copy for TV and print, newsletters, press releases, social media content and marketing materials. She has a private collection of prose and poetry, and a novel in process.

Diana has recently closed a family business, having owned and operated an upscale restaurant in a resort area for over 10 years. She has determined to reach out to the freelance world in order to pursue her talent with the written word. She is in the process of getting her name out in the market place.

Diana describes herself as a self-starter, highly motivated and unafraid of a challenge. She hopes to find enough freelance work that she can balance her writing assignments with other creative projects she enjoys.

She will take on your assignment and work fastidiously until you are satisfied with the results. Diana, if given the opportunity, would be honored to complete a writing assignment for you.

Green Living


Diana's area of specialty is social media content and general topic writing. She gained most of her social media experience from administrating a Facebook page for her business (The Broken Spoke). From this page, she daily engaged upwards of 1,000 people and formed a fan base of nearly 5,000 people.


Diana's interests include her family, that includes 9 grandchildren, her art projects that focus on decoupage and mosaic, and travel to Costa Rica, where she and her husband own property in the mountains near Jaco. She also enjoys nature, gardening, history and reading. Diana is currently pursuing enlightenment, green living and holistic health practices.


Hardin County High School

Diana is a high school graduate with some college.


19 Projects Completed

Mrs. Barker and her husband have run a successful high-end restaurant in a resort community for 10+ years. Throughout their tenure, she was responsible for all marketing/advertising materials, as well as for maintaining much of the social networking for the business.

Additionally, the couple ran The National Catfish Derby for 13 years, this being a national catfishing tournament that she and Mr. Barker resurrected in 1993. The NCD was a big deal back in the 1950's and 1960's and Diana's grandfather was one of the originators of the event. Mrs. Barker's role within the organization was to create press releases, marketing materials and to secure event sponsors.

Diana Barker has worked in the hospitality industry her entire life. Besides the recent restaurant, she and her husband have owned and operated three others. Diana grew up working at her grandparent's restaurant, The Botel, from the age of 10 until she was in her mid-twenties.

Mrs. Barker has extensive knowledge of the industry from Mom and Pop restaurant experience, to contributing to Sports and Travel writers, to catering large events both privately and for non-profits.

Her latest contribution in this field was an interview of the local Tourism Director for a person of interest article for the local newspaper.


5 Projects Completed

Diana's expertise in Crafts is purely from hands on experience. She creates decoupage items that are 98% from recycled items. Her work is scheduled for display at a boutique in Encinitas, CA where her pieces will be for sale. Additionally, her experience in mosaic art include commissioned pieces of work consisting of recycled materials. Her mosaic work is on display at various locations. Diana says of her work in art, "you can write about what you know". Ms. Barker's future plans are to open a place where people can donate things they would ordinarily throw away and where other people can shop for those items for their various art form needs. The business will focus on sustainability, art and education based on the principle of reduce, reuse, recycle. It will be located in the West Tennessee area and will be a non-profit organization.

Green Living

1 Projects Completed

Diana Barker has experience in this industry via her active participation in personally adapting green principles within her own living conditions, primarily in the areas of gardening and recycling.

Mrs. Barker implements composting and other forms of organic gardening at her home. She teaches green principles to her children and grandchildren and is a proponent of non-littering, as well as recycling. She firmly believes and upholds the principle of reduce, reuse and recycle.

She recently closed her restaurant due, in part, to it's high carbon footprint. Prior to closing, she had implemented a recycling process for paper, metal and plastics. Her employees were also composting waste products in order to reduce the amount contributed to the landfill.

Mrs. Barker is currently working on adding more green principles to her home in the form of energy reduction as she continues to recycle and reuse a large amount of things that would normally go in the trash.

Her plans further include educational seminars for her rural community and spearheading local clean-up of roadways and waterways. She is also working on plans to create a center for drop-offs that will allow others in the community to become more green.

Her commitment to organic gardening and clean eating is of great importance to her and she shares this information and the procedures necessary to implement these principles with a number of people on a daily basis.

Mrs. Barker is committed to green living and to making her part of the world as sustainable and green as is possible.


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