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Meghan's four-year degree in History was writing and research intensive, and spanned a wide range of writing subjects. Her experience with researching before starting a writing project makes her work more knowledgeable and precise.

Meghan also has experience with summaries and with short advertisements through her work in both her high school newsletter, and the student newsletter at her Alma Mater, the University of Louisville; also through various other online writing companies, including ContentAuthority.

Various interests and hobbies have given Meghan extensive opportunity to write numerous how-to articles, and she has a firm grasp on researching new products and ideas in order to bring them to the public in the most effective way.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Meghan has nearly a decade of experience with babies and children under five years of age; she has had over fifty paid jobs babysitting children for various clients, all of who were repeat customers. She also have experience with her own child, a son. Through her experiences, she has written numerous how-to articles, informational articles, and projects on child wellness.


Meghan has experience with the medical industry. She completed her Pharmacy Tech Certification from Jefferson Community and Technical College, and learned to read and write shorthand prescriptions, create and dispense basic medications, and has a working knowledge of drug interactions and side effects.


Since the age of sixteen, Meghan has maintained a strict and knowledgeable vegan diet. Maintaining a vegan diet is both challenging and intensive; because of the avoidance of various foods, Meghan has had to learn to read food labels and identify ingredients at a more advanced level than the average consumer. She has a working knowledge of calories, additives, cooking, and ingredient interactions. Meghan has been employed to cater for various events, including weddings, birthdays, and company get-togethers.

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