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After studying literature and economics in college, Marcus worked as a stock broker and teacher. Wanting more independence, he became a professional writer in 2008. He has been a full-time freelance writer since then, starting with the Matador Travel Network and the Sports Junkie Center. He has written thousands of product descriptions, SEO blogs and articles for VisionBedding. He has authored dozens of consumer buying guides for eBay, with a focus on car and truck reviews and comparisons, as well as prep lists for hiking, camping, and fishing, and reviews for laptops and tablets. He has written hundreds of city, state and country guides for Kayak, Apartment List and Unpakt, both for travel and real estate purposes. He has written other city guides that detail the music, art or bar scene of major metropolises, or that focus on specific neighborhoods. He has also published articles on weight loss, gluten free meals, low-calorie recipes, fitness programs, senior care, acne prevention, workout routines and other health and wellness topics. His technology portfolio includes how-to guides for installation of Real Player, Adobe Flash and Java, along with internet security tips for small businesses. Marcus writes Facebook and Twitter posts for businesses as well.


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Marcus C's Relationships Industry Experience

10 Projects Completed

Marcus has written an article for a wedding themed website that describes the benefits of premarital counseling. He has also sold a blog post that gives married couples advice about discussing their finances. He regularly reads psychology journals to stay informed about discoveries and statistics about relationship health.

Industry Projects

  • Home Living1,000+
  • Consumer Goods100+
  • Travel100+
  • Hospitality50+
  • Sports50+
  • Women50+
  • Fitness20+
  • Health20+
  • Business20+
  • Food20+
  • Web Development20+
  • Kids/Family20+
  • Medical10+
  • Pets10+
  • Relationships10+
  • Insurance10+
  • Beauty10+
  • Green Services2

Summary of Industry Experience

Home Living

Marcus has a dynamic home living portfolio that includes tips for dealing with a bed bug infestation, pest prevention strategies for new homeowners, advice on creating a home theater, choosing landscaping equipment, gardening ideas, and information about moving companies and services. He has also written thousands of articles that describe wall murals and other home decorations.

Consumer Goods

Marcus has written about a variety of consumer goods, advising readers about which products are needed are which brands offer high quality products. These articles include buying guides for eBay that cover computers, TVs, and other electronics, hiking and camping gear, cooking equipment, dishware, clothing and accessories, automobiles, comic books, sports collectibles, and instruments.


Marcus began his career as a writer with the Matador Travel Network, writing travel articles both from personal experience and internet research. He has since published hundreds of city guides for Kayak, detailing transportation methods, tourist attractions, restaurants, and accommodations. He has also written long summaries of the policies and destinations of major airlines, including Spirit Air and Virgin America. He has personally traveled to dozens of countries and hundreds of cities. He is fluent in Spanish, adding to his abilities to research locations for his work.


Marcus has written a list of top Las Vegas dive bars for Matador Travel Network and researched hotels and dining for dozens of city guide articles published by Kayak. He also worked in several hotels and restaurants while he was a student as a receptionist, server, and cook, giving him an inside perspective of the industry.


Marcus wrote more than 30 blog posts and featured articles for Sports Junkie Center, including bios of famous athletes and breakdowns of current events in professional sports, specifically the NBA, MLB, and NFL. He has published articles on several different sites regarding topics such as working out without going to the gym and how seniors can exercise safely in summer.


Marcus has written articles and blogs aimed towards women on an array of subjects. He has published dozens of pages of copy for the custom womens' apparel line by VisionBedding, a Liz Claiborne buying guide for eBay, and product descriptions for items such as costumes and makeup. He has also authored articles on the efficacy of medical techniques used during pregnancy.


Marcus has published articles on topics such as staying fit without going to the gym, how seniors can exercise safely in summer, a beginner's guide to yoga, and an eBay buying guide for making low-calorie summer snacks. Marcus also worked as a personal trainer during college and currently enjoy hiking, jogging and swimming.


Marcus has published articles on array of health and wellness topics, including safe summer fitness tips for seniors, acne prevention, and staying fit without a gym. He has written an eBay buying guide for making low-calorie summer snacks. Marcus has also sold journalistic accounts of medical breakthroughs and clinical tests regarding ALS, obesity, and pregnancy.


Marcus has written articles detailing how businesses can protect their proprietary information and their customers' financial data using internet security techniques. He has also written about expanding a company's social media presence. Before becoming a full-time writer, Marcus worked in finance and insurance, giving him an insider's perspective on the business world.


Marcus has written SEO focused content for niche food markets, as well as instructional recipe articles and personal travel cooking tips. He has published recipe articles for a broad range of cuisines, including gluten free meals and a personal method for making escargot. He has written eBay buying guides for low-calorie summer snacks, cool treats, and picnic dishes. Marcus has also authored a review of craft whiskeys.

Web Development

Marcus has written how-to guides for installing important internet software such as Adobe Flash, Java, and Real Player. He has published articles that teach small business owners how to maintain secure and stable web sites. Marcus has both written Facebook posts and Tweets that help companies promote themselves on the web and articles that instruct businesses in expanding their own social media presence.


Marcus has written a thorough article on kids' dental health meant for children to read themselves. He is capable of writing in a style that appeals to kids and is easy for them to understand, yet provides valuable tips. He has also authored eBay buying guides for parents to buy gifts for graduating high school or college kids, getting kids interested in sports, gifts for teen boys, and more specific gift guides, such as learning about dinosaur collectibles.


Marcus has authored journalistic medical articles on topics such as a breakthrough in ALS research and a study of whether cervical pessaries in pregnant women can help prevent preterm deliveries. He has also written articles giving advice to seniors on how to safely exercise during the heat of summer, as well as a kids' guide to avoiding cavities.


Marcus has written articles about caring for different types of pets, including how to feed and care for a kitten whose mother can not nurse it herself, and a profile of Australian Shepherd dogs. He has personally raised dozens of cats, dogs, hamster, and birds and studied books on the ideal methods of feeding and grooming various pets.


Marcus has written an article for a wedding themed website that describes the benefits of premarital counseling. He has also sold a blog post that gives married couples advice about discussing their finances. He regularly reads psychology journals to stay informed about discoveries and statistics about relationship health.


Marcus worked as an insurance sales agent, with licenses for both Life and Health Insurance in the state of Florida. While doing this job, he wrote insurance sales material in addition to making sales trips and explaining policies to clients. He has also written insurance related articles and blogs since becoming a freelance writer.


Marcus has written articles and blogs on a variety of beauty topics including product descriptions for Maybelline brand cosmetics, tips for preventing acne breakouts in the summer, the best ways to maintain long fingernails, and tricks for do it yourself home spa treatments.

Green Services

Marcus ghost wrote an educational essay on lighting recycling for an eco-themed website. He also completed an eBay buying guide for the Ford Electric car line. He has personal experience in low impact environmental living and is currently working to expand his green portfolio.

Product Projects

  • Product Description1,000+
  • Article1,000+
  • Blog Post1,000+

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Marcus has written thousands of product descriptions for the custom bedding, blankets, pillows, wall art, wall murals, womens' apparel, mens' apparel, rugs, and other products from VisionBedding. He has also written dozens of products descriptions for funny and famous costumes and decorative party supplies offered by Buy Costumes, as well as cosmetics from Maybelline.


Marcus has the research skills and knowledge to comfortably and effectively write articles about a broad range of subjects. He has written articles on topics as diverse as medical studies, eBay buying guides for specific cars and trucks, recycling light bulbs, craft whiskey, local music scenes, installing Java and other software, hiring a financial planner, tax changes for retirees, and much more.

Blog Post

Marcus has written blog posts for sports sites, , technology advice pages, pest control services, tutoring companies, and many other businesses. His blog portfolio also includes posts about gluten free meals, home decoration, funeral services, art museums, retirement plans, internet security for small businesses, and expanding a company's social media platform.

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