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Marcus C
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After studying literature and economics in college, Marcus worked as a stock broker and teacher. Wanting more independence, he became a professional writer in 2008. He has been a full-time freelance writer since then, starting with the Matador Travel Network and the Sports Junkie Center. He has written thousands of product descriptions, SEO blogs and articles for VisionBedding. He has authored dozens of consumer buying guides for eBay, with a focus on car and truck reviews and comparisons, as well as prep lists for hiking, camping, and fishing, and reviews for laptops and tablets. He has written hundreds of city, state and country guides for Kayak, Apartment List and Unpakt, both for travel and real estate purposes. He has written other city guides that detail the music, art or bar scene of major metropolises, or that focus on specific neighborhoods. He has also published articles on weight loss, gluten free meals, low-calorie recipes, fitness programs, senior care, acne prevention, workout routines and other health and wellness topics. His technology portfolio includes how-to guides for installation of Real Player, Adobe Flash and Java, along with internet security tips for small businesses. Marcus writes Facebook and Twitter posts for businesses as well.
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