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Before she switched to a writing career, Catherine worked for 15 years as a veterinary technician. Her specific areas of interest included feline care, geriatric care, preventative medicine and client education. Her love of cats prompted her to assist in the grand opening of an exclusive feline practice on Long Island, where she continued to expand her expertise in feline health. Catherine also served as the cattery manager at a local no-kill animal shelter. As a writer, Catherine has had numerous articles published on various topics pertaining to dogs, cats, small mammals and wildlife. She is currently writing a fictional children's book in which a kitten and the young girl who finds him discover the human-animal bond.


Catherine specializes in informative articles and blog posts that captivate readers. Her skills are not limited to pet care topics, however. Catherine is an accomplished gourmet cook, which inspired her food and cooking blog and several articles that she wrote for CNN. She is also passionate about her home area of Long Island, which prompted her to launch her own website that she writes, edits and publishes to share the many treasures of the island with her readers. Catherine has also written articles on a number of additional topics of interest that include human health, nutrition, gardening and home decorating.


In addition to cooking, gardening and decorating her home, Catherine also enjoys hiking, watching movies, following politics, reading and enjoying the many attractions of Long Island.


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Catherine has had numerous articles posted in online publications on a variety of animal topics. Her prior background as a veterinary technician has enabled her to write about various feline and canine health and care topics. She has also written a number of pieces about a range of wildlife topics. During her tenure at various animal hospitals, she has also written hospital brochures and client education materials.


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Catherine has written a number of health articles for web content brokerage firms. Her focus has included such topics as diabetes, nutrition, exercise, hypertension, ocular health, stroke, diagnostic testing and dental disease. Catherine is especially passionate about informing the public about the growing rate of obesity and how families can combat this detrimental issue.


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Catherine has written a number of food and cooking articles for various web content brokerage houses. She has also written some articles for CNN's ireport group, a few of which were chosen as part of the final CNN feature report. Catherine also wrote a food and cooking blog for three years, featuring articles on specific ingredients, cooking equipment, seasonal fare and focus pieces on various international cuisines.


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