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Kelli found her love of writing after being in a serious accident which left her hospitalized for five months, and in a wheel chair for over a year. Before the accident, Kelli was working as an ophthalmologist assistant in a very busy practice. After the accident, she was no longer able to work. Kelli spend a great deal of time trying to find ways to make money while bedridden. She found a freelance writing site, and began bidding on projects. After doing a few, she began writing exclusively for one client. She did work on various topics. Her working relationship with this client continued for seven years, right up until the client retired.
After losing her exclusive client, Kelli began writing for various sites online, as well as a few regular clients.
Kelli also writes a blog with her brother Matthew Dicks. Matthew has had three novels published which were received quite well in several different languages. The blog which they are writing together includes memories of their childhood from both Kelli's and Matthew's points of view. The blog is located at
Kelli's success as a writer has grown enough that she no longer needs to work outside of her home.


Kelli has worked as a marketing manager for the start-up company, On the Vend.
Kelli received her medical assisting degree in 1997. She did an internship for a cardiologist before graduating. She also worked for an orthopedic surgeon and an ophthalmologist. She specializes in medical writing. She has done various projects on subjects including, diseases, diagnosing, treatments, and therapies.

While in physical therapy following her accident, Kelli became interested in physical fitness. When she was healed, and became able to walk again, Kelli began working out in a gym. Soon, she studied for, and received her personal training certificate. Since then, she has done a great deal of projects on diet, exercise, meal planning, and weight loss.

OnTheVend. It was her job to create the business proposal, which was then given to potential investors. She worked closely with the company's creator and CEO, in order to understand his vision, and write the proposal.


One of Kelli's main interests is cooking. Coming from an Italian family, Kelli began cooking at the age of nine. By the time she was 10 years old, she had collaborated with her grandmother on a cookbook, using recipes that grandmother and granddaughter created together. By the age of 12, Kelli was cooking Sunday dinner on her own for 12 people. Today, Kelli enjoys creating new recipes. She has posted several of her recipes, with photos, on several recipe websites.

Kelli is also a money saver. As a self proclaimed "professional couponer", Kelli has saved thousands of dollars this years at the grocery store. She also has researched other ways to save money on just about everything. She has written several how-to articles for various clients on easy ways to save money.

Kelli also enjoys writing articles which require a great deal of research. She revels in the fact that while she is writing, she is also getting an education of sorts, on various topics, where without the work, she would have no knowledge of these topics whatsoever.


Dean College

Kelli received her associates degree in general health sciences. This paved the way for her to move on to receive her medical assisting certificate and work in the medical field for 11 years.


367 Projects Completed

Kelli has written many articles on medical conditions, disorders, and treatments.
She has also written many articles on home remedies for different conditions.


112 Projects Completed

While working as a personal trainer, Kelli has written diet plans for various clients.
Currently, she creates recipes, and posts them on various recipe sites along with photos of the completed dish.


107 Projects Completed

Kelli has done various "how to" articles for a client helping readers learn to repair their vehicles themselves.


27 Projects Completed

Kelli does a good deal of writing on what is going on in the entertainment world. She has written about stars and athletes who have legal problems and reviews on awards shows such as the Grammys and the Oscars.


27 Projects Completed

Kelli has done a great deal of articles for a client with a gardening site. She has developed several "how to" articles on growing various vegetables and fruits.


12 Projects Completed

Kelli has done advertisements for different products. She researched the product and typically chose the products which she has used and has a great deal of knowledge on.

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