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Gabriella is a freelance writer who has been writing articles for the past four years. Beginning with original articles, as well as on-assignment pieces, published online, Gabriella has completed hundreds of high-quality articles while working with a UK-based web content provider. She believes that producing SEO and high-keyword-density articles should not mean compromising the composition, style and content of the articles and maintains a high standard for writing pieces that are articulate, interesting and well-researched.
This attention to detail and quality stems from her school years. Gabriella's high school education was homeschool-based and very writing-intensive, with regular test, papers and reports of substantial length required to complete course. Thirty-page book reports were the norm and Gabriella honed her skills writing during this time. While in college, Gabriella also had ample opportunities to exercise her writing skills as well as learning different styles and approaches to writing, in particular through creative writing, that offered a renewed appreciation of writing's nuances.
After leaving college, Gabriella pursued creative writing exclusively in the form of writing screenplays and teleplays. During this time, She completed several full-length film scripts and created a television series completes with series bible, outlines and several completed scripts. In 2005, she took Third Place in the Big Apple Screenplay Competition for her film script, "The Devil Inside"; three years later, Gabriella made the semifinals of the Page International Screenplay Competition with the pilot episode of her original series, "Yard Work."
Gabriella has traveled up and down through the Eastern U.S. over the past 12 years, from Massachusetts and New York in the north all the way to the tip of Florida. Currently located in the Buffalo Metropolitan Area, Gabriella enjoys discovering new music, following Indycar and Formula 1 racing and spending time with her two-year-old son. She is currently working on a novelization of her awarding-winning script, "The Devil Inside".
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Gabriella specializes in writing third-person pieces geared toward posting on blogs, as well as informational articles for websites. She is experienced in following detailed writing briefs and finds creative ways to integrate SEO and keywords while still maintaining the quality and literacy of the writing.


Writing-wise, Gabriella enjoys working on pieces that allow her to learn something new, whether it is about a familiar subject or something completely fresh and unfamiliar. This applies to her creative writing as well, which includes screenplays, teleplays, short stories and novels. Gabriella's other interests include following Indycar and Formula 1 racing; discovering and enjoying new music; watching British mystery series; and spending time with her two-year-old son.


Gannon University

Gabriella completed two years of studies at Gannon University. Freshman year she majored in Theater & Communications, switching to a full Theater major the following year. Gabriella took an extended leave from college in 2000 to travel and focus on writing.


100 Projects Completed

Gabriella has written a variety of health-related blogs and news articles with topics including health and well-being over age 50; living with specific conditions and diseases; utilizing online pharmacies; and wrote more than 60 news pieces about basic and emergency healthcare.


60 Projects Completed

Gabriella has written travel articles and blog posts featuring a wide variety of destinations, trips, tips and other holiday-related information. She has written a number of pieces about specific destinations, as well as articles providing travel guidelines and recommendations, tips for finding low-cost accommodations, airfare and car rentals, as well as suggestions of where to dine and what to see.

Home Living

50 Projects Completed

Gabriella's experience writing about home living and related topics includes detailing various styles of interior design; supplying tips for readying a home for sale, as well as what to look for when purchasing a new home; inexpensive and crafty ways to beautify the home; and specific suggestions for designs that work well with children.


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