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Katrina J. is a former CSM agile project manager who has worked primarily for the military and defense contractors for nearly 14 years. In that time, she held roles such as project analyst, business analyst, and project manager.

Katrina currently utilizes her industry experience to create unique content pertaining to business management, marketing and software project management. However, she is a versatile writer who also enjoys creating informational pieces on green living, budget travel and holistic wellness.

As an avid researcher, Katrina regularly accepts topics from a variety of categories. She has successfully written articles on education, current news events and personal development.


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Industry Projects

  • Nutrition100+
  • Business100+
  • Travel100+
  • Software50+

Summary of Industry Experience


One of Katrina J.'s favorite subjects is health and wellness, and she has written hundreds of blog posts and articles about nutritional topics. Besides physical fitness, good nutrition is the primary factor needed for vibrant health. This philosophy is reflected in her articles and posts about plant based diets and whole food supplements. Katrina J. has lived the vegetarian lifestyle for nearly four years and spent a summer working as an intern on a small organic farm that is owned and operated by formally trained naturopaths.


Katrina J. has written over 100 blog posts, articles and white papers on many business subjects. She received excellent ratings for her articles about eco-friendly business practices, supply chain management processes and blending traditional and digital communication channels into business marketing strategies. Some of her recent work includes topics about the role of big data analytics in small business information systems and frameworks for supply chain management.


Katrina J. loves to write about places she has been as well as those she dreams of visiting. As a result, she has written over a hundred travel articles and blog posts on topics like luxury travel, travelling on a budget and exotic travel destinations for different seasons. To her, there is nothing quite like going on a virtual vacation while writing quality content.


Katrina J. previously worked on systems engineering and software development projects in various roles. Now she uses those experiences to write articles and blog posts about the applications that managers use to help run all aspects of business operations. Katrina J. writes about enterprise resource planning software, project management tools and the increasing trend of using data analytics software to conduct trend analysis.

Product Projects

  • Article100+
  • Blog Post100+
  • Press Release50+

Summary of Product Experience


Katrina J. has written informative, engaging content in the areas of business management, information technology and education. Although she has extensive experience in these areas, the nature of the projects required intensive research for successful completion. The results were well written, correctly cited articles that provided value to her client's website visitors.

Blog Post

Travel, wellness and green living are favorite types of blog posts that Katrina J. excels at writing. Her travel blog posts provide a vivid description of vacation destinations that inspire road trips and airline ticket sales. Katrina's posts relating to wellness and green living encourage readers to adopt healthier lifestyles that pamper the body and respect the environment.

Press Release

Katrina J. has over 3 years experience writing professionally formatted, creatively written press releases for clients who want to promote their new products, services, or advantageous business locations. Katrina knows how to identify new activities undertaken by clients and present them to readers in a promotional fashion as noteworthy, value added initiatives.

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