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Kimberly B has worked in the professional field of education for over 12 years and has a continued thirst for knowledge and experience. Coming from a humanities background in Sociology, Political Science and Education, Kimberly B has the research skills to put together thoughtful pieces. Technical writing skills aside, Kimberly B strives to put together interesting content when needed, or get down to the point for technical pieces.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Kimberly B has experience writing content on professional development and career assistance, particularity for those entering the job market. Working with college students at all levels Kimberly B can offer sound advice for professional endeavors, and speak to this topic with a fresh, engaging tone.


Work is such a big part of our lives. Kimberly B. can write on office relationships, office space and furniture, as well as industry consulting with other companies. Everyone has questions about work and Kimberly B. can answer questions and help with even the most mundane office topics. With work at the forefront for so many, having a voice that has over 15 years of office experience can bring candid and real writing to this topic.


Kimberly B. grew up in the country with a veterinarian for a Dad. She knows pets, loves pets, and can't stop talking about them! Kimberly B. has written articles on boarding pets, toys and behavior. With so much information out there, Kimberly B. has knowledge and experience she can share with the industry.

Home Living

Whether writing is needed for decorating a new home, gearing up to sell a home, or revamping a current space, Kimberly B. has written on all and will continue to research and stay on top of fun fresh ideas for housing and decorating.


Working in higher education, Kimberly B. has helped numerous students and applicants find their next steps in life and solidify their educational goals. Whether certificate based adult programs or high level PhD higher education advice, Kimberly B. has the background and experience to offer up tips and advice.


Kimberly B. lives in the heart of a 'foodie' city. Whether one needs reference to going out to staying in , Kimberly B. has unique fresh ideas and can spice up any food blog or SEO article.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post10+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Blog writing doesn't feel like work to Kimberly B. Without a current blog of her own, she can freely contribute fun interesting perspectives to blogs that need it. She can candidly write on a broad range of topics while keeping with any theme or perspective provided.

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