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Diego is a freelance writer and a chronic factotum. He'll take any excuse to learn about something new and takes odd satisfaction in different styles. This includes writing: how-to guides, articles, blogs, academically, fiction, and speeches. With bountiful knowledge on every subject (but mostly an internet connection and a thorough training in Google Fu) Diego has an empathetic mind which allows him to understand what people want.

While writing three novels and a few dozen short stories, Diego fostered a keen insight into what lies behind a sentence and now uses it to imbue his writing with a rich subtext. He'll do more with less.

He believes everything should be simple and concise. If it's playful, intuitive and clever, all the better.



Diego enjoys all things Psychology with an emphasis in the neurological and cognitive. He has experience with academia, cognitive disorders and developmental disabilities.

With a lifetime of musical experience both as a player of over a dozen instruments and a perpetual eye out for new music, Diego has a firm grasp on the modern musical stage.

Diego is fluently bilingual in English and Spanish although he often brags about being trilingual due to a, let's say, modest handle on Gallego.

"I know everything about Film. I've seen over 240 of them."
- Dwight Schrute
- Diego Reymondez


In terms of interests, Diego has too many for the amount of free time he has. They include: writing, brain colors, cheese (Gromit), fiction, film, gaming (Diego is a lifelong Zelda aficionado and has recently discovered Steam,) coffee coffee coffee, music, and great television.


Syracuse University

Brain study, skipping classes to read, all night paper writing.


5 Projects Completed

Translations in English and Spanish.

After a decade of extracurricular Spanish education, and a childhood of yearly visits to Spain, Diego can whip up copy in English and in his mother-tongue, Spanish, with nary an accent missing.


2 Projects Completed

From university classes in child and educational psychology, to his time as a teacher's assistant in a day care, and years providing habilitation services to people with developmental disability, Diego has well-tempered insight into the field.


1 Projects Completed

Diego has written technical articles in Psychology. He can make complex topics accessible to any reader and simple topics as dense as Heidegger.


1 Projects Completed

As a lifelong lover and player, Diego's interests in music run from Animal Collective to Frank Zappa. Zydeco to A Capella. Though he tends to espouse a fans opinions he has always understood the industry's logic.


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