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Crystal H. is a professional Writer and Proofreader with extensive experience in the medical, sewing, crafting and jewelry making industries. However, she has written blog posts (both SEO and informal) for many other industries as well, and enjoys flexing her research muscles to provide a well-written product.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Crystal H. was a Medical Assistant and Medical Office Manager for 19 years before changing careers and becoming a Proofreader. During her medical career, she had hands-on experience in medical offices, hospitals and even in the Army as a Medic. Crystal frequently wrote medical reports, office protocol, press releases and marketing material during her medical career.


Crystal H. is an accomplished jewelry maker, sewist and crafter who has been creating various projects for 6 years. In that time, she has opened her own successful online jewelry shop and gained hands-on experience with product creation, order fulfillment, customer service, social media, blogging and marketing.

Green Living

Crystal H. is an active participant in the "green living" movement. With years of research and implementation, she has "greened" almost every aspect of her home and lifestyle, from using natural cleaning and personal care products to driving a Hybrid car. Crystal's enthusiasm for earth-friendly living shows in her contributions to green blogs.

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