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Patti C. has been writing freelance nonfiction articles, blog content, and fiction works since 2007. As a freelance writer, she generates multi-length articles, SEO and geo locational content, website pages, and blog posts. Her areas of expertise include food & kitchen, senior living, travel, lifestyle, home, entertainment, publishing, and the sciences. She has published 5 cookbooks and 14 fiction novels. She can deliver dependable, client-focused services and consistent, creative content.


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Patti C. is a former military wife with an enthusiasm for discovering new places. She grew up in the Pacific Northwest, has traveled across the United States, and now lives in the South. Her years as a military spouse introduced her to the eclectic locations and diverse lifestyles. Her articles focus on U.S. travel destinations, city descriptions, and vacation resorts.


Patti C. has been a published author since 2007 and has several traditional publishing contracts and fifteen independently published titles to her credit. She is managing partner for a digital publishing company and is intimately familiar with the stages required to produce and market a good book. With more than a decade as a writing instructor and mentor, she shares her fiction writing and publishing knowledge on The Clever Writer blog.


Patti C.'s foray into cooking began with a young family and years of budget-saving cooking. Since 2009, she's been offering her years of insight and experimental cooking results to valued readers of the Worth A Damn Food blog. Her articles, recipes, and five published cookbooks have enabled thousands to make "great recipes meet everyday life" -- the motto of Worth a Damn Food.

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