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Over the years, Megan has written thousands of articles for both print and online publications. This experience, paired with her innate love for writing in different styles and for different platforms, has left her with a catalog of skills that come in handy for anything from product description writing to SEO-friendly blogging.

Although she is capable of researching and writing about any topic, Megan believes that truly good writing happens when the writer is passionate about the topic. For this reason, her specialties include tech topics (especially those relating to computer and Internet tech), gaming, marketing, mobile apps, and many other subjects that could be labeled as "geeky."

In addition to writing, she also enjoys and is skilled at proofreading and editing, which adds to the presentability and quality of her finished work.


Megan's specialties include writing reviews and tutorials, specifically with the goal of helping readers learn more about potentially complicated topics in mind.


Megan's interests are varied, and they include grassroots and Internet marketing, mobile apps, games, idea generation, web development, and the process of blogging.


East Central College

Megan studied all facets of the English language and obtained an Associate of Arts Degree in the field. With a primary goal of becoming a writer and editor in mind, she successfully used her education to land her first professional job in 2006 as a newspaper writer and editor.


500 Projects Completed

Megan combines her love of gaming and writing daily. As the Editor-in-Chief of indie-love.com, she reads press releases, serves as a liaison between game developers and writers, gathers news, and writes features and reviews. She also enjoys writing game tutorials and guides that help players and expand on various game universes.


100 Projects Completed

From an early age, Megan was charged with promoting local shows, school plays, and businesses. As a member of many establishments in a small town, using paid advertisement to promote small clubs and events was never an option. When social media and search engine marketing grew into viable and useful promotion tools, Megan worked with many affiliate networks to learn the ins and outs of these new platforms. Ten years of experience in the buzz-generation field has left her with a brain filled with marketing knowledge and ideas, from traditional to experimental.


50 Projects Completed

Megan's experience as a retail manager and corporate recruiter has helped her learn what companies look for in potential employees. She has used this knowledge to pen dozens of articles on related topics, such as interview and human resources tips. Her expertise reaches both sides of the aisle, so she is able to offer resources valuable to both hiring managers and applicants.


100 Projects Completed

Megan specializes in fun, informative articles about artists, events, and other topics that need in-depth coverage to gain extra exposure.

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