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Jennifer has a great deal of experience in creating a wide variety of content. Whether the client needs a short 200-word blurb on puppy training or an in-depth 1,000-word article on the ways to save a home from foreclosure, she always puts forth her best effort.

This is not a writer that is just getting her feet wet. Through her more than nine years of experience, Jennifer has learned how to give the clients, and their readers, exactly what they are looking for. Jennifer works hard to use her ability to drive traffic to a webpage through proper SEO usage while maintaining the integrity of the piece.

Writing content for clients allows Jennifer to not only make use of the skills she has acquired over the years, but it allows her to really help other people.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Jennifer has completed more than 800 projects within the industry of finance for a wide variety of clients. Her completed works include informational articles on personal budgets, mortgage foreclosures, bankruptcy, credit rebuilding, and investments. Through her completed works, she has helped a countless number of people get their financial situation in order.


Jennifer has completed more than 500 paid projects in the legal field with topics ranging from divorce to criminal cases. Always researched and completed in a timely manner, Jennifer has been able to provide her readers with a wealth of knowledge that they might not have been able to receive anywhere else.


Jennifer has completed a wide range of work in the field of construction. Topics have included things such as foundation repair, new home construction, and the ins and outs of home remodeling. With more than 500 completed projects under her belt, she is able to compose well-researched construction articles detailing anything the client requests.

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