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A web designer by trade, this freelancer is transitioning to a writing career because of a love for the craft. In addition to delivering well-written material in a timely manner, a background in web marketing and SEO best practices means a deeper understanding of the requirements to create effective content.

This writer has a 100% acceptance rate for all assignments, and that does not happen without the natural ability to produce high quality work catered to the needs of clients. Excellent research skills and the use of reputable sources will let businesses rest easy knowing that the material they release online is factually accurate.

As a professional writer, David has been paid for all assignments and has received excellent client ratings and editorial feedback.

Search engine algorithms are improving, and well-written, relevant content is no longer just an option. The old methods of keyword stuffing and using non-professionals for content are ending.

Hire someone that understands how search engines and web marketing works. A few correctly written pieces will have more impact than dozens of meaningless articles that focus only on SEO. Google wants writers to write for consumers, not for Google.
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Researching and learning about new subjects is part of the fun of this job. From previous experience though, this writer has discovered a particular knack for articles on home improvement, plumbing, web marketing, website creation, politics and government.


Writer's interests include reading, movies, music, politics, law, government, history, home improvement, technology, trucking, US geography, college and professional football.


Pinellas Technical College

Studied Adobe Creative Suite 5, Microsoft Office Suite, Web Marketing, SEO, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Graphic Design, Content Management Systems (CMS), copyright law and Database Management.

St. Petersburg College

David is a student editor on his college's scholarly publication called META. He has published over 150 informative, engaging, and SEO friendly articles. He has excellent customer feedback and several direct clients that offer myself, and a couple of others, work before it is released into a pool.

He is an experienced web designer who completed a full time Web Development program at a technical school and a nine-month internship with a web design studio.

Often web design clients come in with very poor content. This is how David started writing and editing web content.


24 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Class "A" truck driver for over twenty years. Accomplishments include driving over 1.5 million miles without a ticket or accident, throughout the contiguous United States.


6 Projects Completed

Writer worked as a volunteer union organizer for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and volunteered for several political campaigns. David also created and managed a craft website for his unionized company.

Web Page

201 Projects Completed

200 web pages is also just an estimate. Writer has created, or collaborated, on approximately 30 websites at an average of five pages each. Some were just updates and partial re-designs, but most were built from scratch including meta tags, coding, wire frames, design and graphics.

Blog Post

90 Projects Completed

90 is just an estimate, of the 160 paid content writing assignment completed to date many were blog posts. Clients don't always share this information or inform writers where the content will be used. A lot of clients require ghostwriters and prefer as much anonymity as possible, which I respect.

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