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I have over twenty years in the customer service industry, ranging from customer service representative through management. I also possess more than twenty years experience in business administration, including scheduling, payroll, managing employee files, etc.

With such a long history of interacting with people during my working career outside of the home, I have pretty much covered it all. I have worked from the bottom up, in many cases, starting as a sales associate, or customer service representative, working up to management positions.

For the past several years I have been working from home, as a transcriber, and also writing when I can. Writing and drawing will always be my first loves, I excelled in writing courses throughout high school, but jobs for writers are generally few and far between. However, my ultimate career goal has always been, and will always be, a writer, in some form or another.


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Kimberly has a lot of experiences working with people, and she looks to find the humor in may situations. She has many funny stories still to tell about the people she's met on her life's journey thus far.


Kimberly is the mom of two teenage girls. Her oldest is 15 and attends an Academic Magnet School of the Arts, majoring in music. She definitely acquired her love of the arts, in all forms, from her mother.
Kim's youngest daughter, who is now 14, is autistic, and also the light of her mom's life. Wanting to learn more about how her daughter learned and processed information is what got Kimberly involved in going back to school herself, via online classes through Kaplan University. Kim majored in Early Childhood Education and learned a lot of crucial information on autism. Kim's daughter used to be a non-verbal little girl, now she's a bubbly teenager who is verbal (when she chooses to be) and learning more every day.


Two years educational experience in early childhood education.

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