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Debora's professional background consist of accounting and small business consulting. She performs these services for for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations, both of which she is well versed. She received her formal studies in fund-raising and non-profit management at UCLA and her formal studies in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship at Cal State Los Angeles. Writing topics that can be derived from these areas consists of business planning and development, organizational development, board development, grantwriting, developing mission statements, the statement of purpose and the vision statement. Other topics include information that deals with preparing business plans, new business start-ups and its process, small business funding, negotiation strategies, accounting, financial projections, financial planning and other areas as it relates to small businesses.

Debora has also worked in an administrative capacity, where she was responsible for human resources and related duties such benefit administration, reviewing resumes, performance evaluations as well as employee and customer's engagement letters, contracts, worker's comp reports and lease agreements. De'bora has also written employee and procedures manuals.

Her SEO experience consist of preparing 350 -- 450 word articles that contained a two to three key word density. She has also written posts in forums and on blogs.

Additional writing experience consist of writing press releases, resumes, bio's and eBlasts (with graphics included). She is also creative and is also a songwriter.

Debora works well under pressure and has been able to meet all writing deadlines associated with her assignments.

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Debora also specializes in organizational development. She often uses customized tools such as organizational charts, timelines, gantt charts and process flow charts to assist her in her efforts. She also prepares product and service portfolio's and various presentation packages to present to people of interest, such as investors, potential partners or other interst.


Debora's interest includes songwriting, traveling. going to the movies and cooking.


California State Los Angeles

Debora studied Business Administration with emphasis in Entrepreneurship to enhance her knowledge about small business development and running a small business. The subjects covered a variety of topics such as operations management, accounting, marketing and finance. It was very instrumental in the development of her core skill set. She also obtained an AA Degree from Los Angeles Trade Technical College in Business Administration. She also earned a Certificate of Completion in Non Profit Management and Fundraising from UCLA and a Certificate of Completion from The Grantsmanship Center in Los Angeles in Program Development and Grantwriting.


13 Projects Completed

With a background in accounting and small business consulting, it was easy for De'bora to transition to writing articles and blogs relative to that subject matter. She has recently written articles on business related topics to include articles related to Accounting Software for Mac Computers, Inventory Software for Mac Computers, Performance Evaluations, Professional Services and more. Thus far, each of De'bora articles that have been submitted for approval has been approved and accepted. Additionally De'bora has made a variety of posts to various blogs and forums concerning entrepreneurship and marketing. She has received a star rating of 5.5 out of 6.

Her SEO experience consists of articles that required a two to three key word density to be used two two - three times within the article.

Below please find an extract of a sample of her work within this industry.


9 Projects Completed

De'bora has worked as an accountant for various industries, including for a small investment banking firm where she was the controller for five years. She also works independently as an accountant and small business consultant. This experience has lend itself to preparing business plans and financial projections for various ventures. De'bora has a thorough understanding of the three main financial statements used in this industry and is skilled at analyzing them. She assist's clients with determining the investment needs and funding strategies needed by must ventures. She is capable of address privately owned business ventures and plans to write a variety of articles concerning this subject matter. Thus far she has written post on blogs and forums. The sample below is an extract from a 1500 word article that she has written concerning Debt Vs Equity Financing.

Non Profit

4 Projects Completed

De'bora has worked as a small business consultant and has provided services to churches and non-profit organizations. She studied fund raising and non-profit management while enrolled at a two year certificate program at UCLA where she learned the inner workings of setting up and managing a non-profit organization. During her studies and work experience, she became exposed to the overall process of setting up and running a non-profit organization. De'bora has written blog posts on areas related to various components of the non-profit sector as well as a sample article which appears below.


2 Projects Completed

Although not a musical performer, De'bora has studied the music business at UCLA as well as songwriting. Both were two year certificate programs which she completed in the late 1990s. Having recently recorded three of her own songs, De'bora has acquired some minimal professional experience in the recording studio. She has also written a proposal for a new record label and music distribution company. When she was invited to write two articles pertaining to music (one about leasing vs buying musical beats, and the other about piano theory worksheets,) she eagerly jumped at the opportunity. Both of the articles required SEO keywords with a density of 2 - 3. Upon submission, they both were approved and accepted by the client. The extract that appears below is from the article titled Buying Vs Leasing Rap Beats. The required keywords were: buying rap beats and leasing rap beats.

Blog Post

27 Projects Completed

De'bora has written blog posts for various companies on a variety of topics. Mainly related to small business development, entrepreneurship, marketing as well as a host of other topics. The majority of the blog posts were made on blog platforms and did not require any keyword optimizations. The following is a extract from a blog prepared by De'bora titled, "Write A Business Plan Before Starting Out?


25 Projects Completed

As a professional grantwriter, De'bora has written grant proposals for a variety of clients primarily within the Los Angeles area whose projects cover different parts of the US and abroad. De'bora has prepared grants in response to a request for proposal (RFP's), or when no RFP was present, she has drafted grant proposals by using the format taught at UCLA and at the Grantsmanship Center. Below is a sample of De'bora's writing style for an organization that needed to raise funds to acquire a community center in an underserved community as well as launch numerous programs. The grant was approved and building was acquired. (Actual names and amounts have been modified to protect client identity.)


15 Projects Completed

De'bora has written a variety of articles for that clients that were related to her primary area of expertise and some that were outside of her core area of expertise. She has found that articles that were written within her area of expertise required less research where she was able to complete effortlessly. Because of her background in Accounting, she was able to make references to various inventory models as indicated in the article provided in the sample below that includes the required keywords: mac inventory software with a 2-3 word density.

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