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Since becoming a full-time writer in the winter of 2013, Lisa has managed to build a small arsenal of work for her portfolio. Some of these writings include website content creation, blog postings and articles on health, wellness and pets.

Some of the industries Lisa has written for include jewelry, nutrition, fitness equipment, education, cooking and dog care and boarding. She has also written a humorous pieces, such as breaking news on Sasquatch sightings.

With a wide variety of writing styles and experiential knowledge, Lisa has the ability to write to topic, tone and audience as directed. Flexibility to adapt works to the needs of a client key to her success.

Lisa has been educated in social sciences and enjoys writing on inter-relational issues. Having first hand knowledge into areas of marriage and divorce, as well as dating in the high-tech age, she pulls from personal experience while still embracing others stories with empathy.

As well, she has written several papers on human exposure to confinement and reintegration into a community. Research in the areas of prison, prison reform and caring for the elderly inmates were dominant as Lisa's older brother was sentenced to life in confinement.
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Writings directed to the health and nutrition industries, as well as overall wellness are Lisa's specialties. As well, she loves to cook and being a Vegan is always cooking up some interesting dishes. Lisa exercises religiously and enjoys class workouts including yoga and has learned what it takes to go from fat to fit in a healthy way.

However, she has successfully accepted and completed assignments in the fields of web design, shipping and gaming, as well. Lisa wishes to delve deeper into news articles that can play on the human sense of humor or pieces displaying great acts of humanity, but is open to discussion of any topic.

Lisa and her husband live on a sailboat with their English Springer Spaniel, Abby. They travel between Florida in the winter and North Carolina in the summer.


Lisa's interests include exploring new towns and cities, traveling and sailing to destinations unknown, and creating blogs.


East Carolina University

As a non-traditional student of mid-life age, Lisa received her degree in Social Work, though intent was not to pursue that particular field. It was, however, a sounding board for learning more of the human condition giving her insight into future goals of higher educational desires. At this time, she has decided to pursue her love of writing as a full-time career.


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Lisa became a vegan in the fall of 2013 and has embraced this into her already healthy lifestyle. She as become an avid cook as a veggie lover that is married to a carnivore and can please both lifestyles deliciously.


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Lisa is experienced with the health industry as she has researched and learned what the professionals know. She went from being 50 pounds overweight to thin and lacking muscle. Now she has created her fitness program that has proven results and can share with others what is needed to be fit.


12 Projects Completed

Lisa has written several articles for a nutritional blog as well as blog posts for other health sites. Being a vegan, she also has specific knowledge in this area.

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Lisa has written several article to assist with human issues of love, life, cause and effect and detrimental behaviors. With an interest in the human condition, she enjoys sharing in these areas.


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Lisa has begun working with educational websites to write articles and blog posts. She gained a teaching certification for elementary education and is approved by the Florida State Board of Education.

Though not employed as a teacher, Lisa's experience has allowed her to write to many topics under this category. She understands that not only the basic teachings are important, but the emotional growth of students as well.


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