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Robert G
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Robert G is an American Writers and Artists trained copywriter with a background of over 20 years in sales and marketing.

Aside from paid assignments Robert has written many sales scripts, phone scripts, and sales letters during his years as a registered representative in the financial industry; a professional recruiter in the executive search industry; and a sales rep in the timeshare industry. He has also written online content and news stories for websites that reach large worldwide audiences.

While working for a major timeshare company, Robert closed more sales than anyone else. He was asked to meet with senior executives. After the meeting, the company decided to adopt Robert's sales scripts which immediately boosted sales. Robert worked for one of the world's largest executive recruiting companies and won their rookie of the year award. He was asked to write specialized phone scripts. His associates used some of these scripts to finesse their way past gate keepers, en route to setting up interviews with outstanding candidates -- and other scripts for making presentations to hiring decision makers.

To Robert, it's important to have insight into the people he's trying to persuade and connect with. Just as everyone has their own style and personality, they also have differing mindsets and emotional triggers. People love to make friends with others who share their vision and ideals. Robert believes knowledge of the culture and demographics of the readers, viewers, or listeners is essential to drawing the most profitable response rate from an audience, regardless of the medium used.

Robert composes compelling copy for websites, email, and direct mail; and crafts ads for TV, radio, and all print media. Since your existing customer base pays attention to your sales promotions, he molds your message to strengthen current client relationships as well as attract new customers. He believes that building enduring client relationships is the nucleus of outstanding business success; and that a customer retained is worth a dozen potential future customers scattered about the planet.

The average consumer is the target of thousands of sales and marketing blurbs on a typical day. Robert breaks through this clutter, winning attention through entertainment value, artistic freshness, and brand personality. His creativity attracts people like an oasis in a desert; evoking spontaneous, vivid, positive emotional connections that impel your prospect to take action.

If you're a success in the business world, you love to win hearts and minds. You love to influence people in positive, life changing ways. Whenever your clients eat better, sleep better, live happier, work smarter, invest more wisely, or get more fun out of life because of your enterprise, you enjoy a gratifying sense of accomplishment. Your audience should connect with your desire to help them, and not sense your eagerness to make the sale.

All your marketing content should inspire positive vibrations, and be devoid of incredulity and smirk producing jabber that tries to entertain, but is so uninspiring that the brand name is forgotten.

Robert believes that effective advertising copy touches the psyche of potential customers, inspiring them to try products and services. You succeed whenever a first time customer enjoys a first-rate experience and continues to enjoy that experience. Your business wins a loyal client who will praise your company whenever a conversation turns to a product or service acquired from you.

According to Robert, the most profitable clients are the smartest, most knowledgeable, and most selective shoppers. Those customers are also the most socially connected and best resources for word-of-mouth advertising. This is why Robert gives your target audience the respect and regard they deserve, but don't always enjoy from every copywriter or advertising professional.

Robert helps you dominate you niche by accentuating your image, message, and audience -- weaving them together in a way that builds trust in your company, and enthusiasm for your tempting and unique offer -- which he will create and refine to your requests.

To educate your prospect on why his or her interests are best served by choosing your company rather than any of your competitors -- Robert makes sure quality, value, performance, safety, convenience, dependability, service, or some another unique distinction resonates all the way through your proposal.

Robert will help shape your appeal through consultation, acquired knowledge of your company, researching your industry and your strongest competitors ... and through imaginative idea generation.


Robert G's areas of writing expertise include nutrition, health, fitness, boxing, politics, economics, and investing.


Robert G's favorite hobbies are reading the news, dancing, swimming, hiking, weight training, watching TV, surfing the Internet, reading novels, and writing.


American Writers and Artists Inc.

Robert's education in copywriting is ongoing with American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI). They send him weekly tutorials through their Golden Tread publications. He also communicates with other writers and keeps up on the industry.


1 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Robert G is an advocate of daily exercise and healthy eating habits. He trained boxers for 5 years as a USA Boxing certified coach. He transformed a gym of losing boxers into a boxing center that turned out national and international champions. He produced over 80% winning performances from his boxers during his last 2 years of coaching.

He developed a 6-faceted program built on: compelling motivational rhetoric... meticulously detailed instruction... technical excellence... top-notch cardio conditioning... superior strength training... and cutting-edge nutrition.

Robert G believes life expectancy rates, obesity ratios, cardiovascular health, and soaring medical costs in the US will all be constructively influenced by wider involvement in fitness and wellness campaigns in the coming decades.

Robert has written news articles and advertising copy for websites and direct mail pieces on fitness, health, nutrition, and work safety. Work safety is an underrated fitness issue. If workers steer clear of repetitive motion damage, work related physical and mental stress, and workplace injuries and accidents, they will be happier, fitter, and more active.


1 Projects Completed

As a former boxer and boxing trainer Robert G has been concerned with healthy eating all his adult life. He is aware that the optimum diet not only helps produce maximum athletic performance, but can help anyone be healthier, happier, and more productive at everything they do.

Even while a person is sleeping, his or her body will rest, regenerate, and actively build itself better, stronger, and healthier with the help of the best possible nutrition. Robert believes there is nothing anyone can do to more rapidly improve the quality of his or her life, than to study and practice the precepts of excellent nutrition.

Robert is a vegetarian, but realizes most people will continue eating meat for the foreseeable future. For meat eaters, Robert advocates range fed poultry and grass fed beef and other red meats from ranch raised animals.

To insure the best nutrition, animals raised for meat consumption need to be certified free of drugs, hormones, chemicals, antibiotics, and trough feeding. To produce the best tasting and highest quality meats, Robert believes all livestock should be free to roam around in their natural habitat until they're ready to be harvested.


1 Projects Completed

Robert G has an avid interest in politics. He volunteered for the US Marines right out of high school. He was thrilled to serve, but became a conscientious objector when the US went to war in Viet Nam. While not against war per se, Robert felt America had no critical interest in Southeast Asia -- and no reason to add to the death toll in the region.

The Viet Nam War sparked Robert's interest in public policy. He saw how rich and influential corporations often shape and control policy. He observed how courageous leaders like John F Kennedy elevate America's image, and how corrupt politicians like Richard Nixon harm our nation.

Robert G feels that government at every level requires brilliant orators and legislators. The brightest men and women are needed to deal with challenging global and domestic crises that strike without letup.

Robert sees a need for policy writers, speech writers, and news writers who articulate ideas that inspire politicians and other world citizens to confront such issues as: climate change... nuclear disarmament... terrorism... international trade... green technology development... eradication of poverty... broader access to affordable college education... and broader access to affordable healthcare.

Utopia isn't possible, but a thriving, happy, and tolerant world community is. Robert believes politics is a shared responsibility of the human race -- and knows eloquent writing has a long history of driving political progress.


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