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Curt is an experienced, 5-star writer, who has written dozens of blogs, articles, e-mail promos, presentations, white papers, and speeches for a wide group of satisfied customers. His customers have relied on his SEO savvy and writing talent to increase readership and lure those cranky web crawlers.

Curt spent 25 years as a Navy administration specialist where he honed his talents in expository and technical writing. He left the service and worked for ten years as a vocational education specialist at a California college, where he also worked as an adjunct instructor in the Business department teaching computer operating systems and office software.

Curt lives in the beautiful Rocky Mountain front range country with his wife and best friend of over 50 years. Curt is retired "but not tired." He writes to keep the juices flowing and the brain synapses firing. He has the ideal combination of talent, experience, and expertise that WriterAccess clients need for great writing.

If you need something fast and nicely done, send him a solo order. He excels in technical writing and is an end-user expert in both Windows and Mac technology as well as the Cloud.


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Curt has written over 40 articles on the latest IRS tax rules. His most recent work has been for a web content service provider as a freelance contributor.

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Curt has many years' of experience in computer technology. He is an expert in Windows and Mac OSX operating systems and software. He has written blogs and short articles for dozens of clients, who have posted his work on their websites.

Whether you're looking for a quick summary on a trending technology issue or a piece to attract readers to your site, Curt has the talent and experience to present complex technology in terms that everyone can understand.


Curt has written over 40 articles on the latest IRS tax rules. His most recent work has been for a web content service provider as a freelance contributor.


Curt complied, evaluated and summarized extensive Nursing student survey results for each semester. Project encompassed programming a Microsoft Access database that averaged survey inputs and extracted qualitative remarks from each student. Survey product consisted of summations, graphs and overall assessments of Nursing Division students' level of satisfaction, recommendations for instructional development (including gripes, etc.).


Curt has written several evaluations and analyses of commercial computer software. His work is from the end-user point of view with a focus on helping the layman understand the software's applicability and usefulness.

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If you're looking for fast, well-researched and nicely written web contents -- blogs of any length -- you'll like Curt's work. His most recent contributions have been as a freelance blogger for a national web content provider, where he has contributed hundreds of pieces to a growing list of satisfied clients.

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