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Glenda is currently a contract trainer for Foster/Adoptive parents. She shares knowledge with parents wanting to foster or adopt children within CYFD and other organizations. Some of these children may have behavioral and trauma issues related to abuse and neglect. She gathers information from participants and is required to do a "Trainers Reflections" on each participant involved and submits these reports to NMSU and CYFD (Children's Youth and Family Department).

This is a classroom environment and takes several hours of reading and preparation. She is responsible for maintaining current statistics, maintaining and conducting slide shows using PowerPoint, flip charts and activities for the participants. Communication is important between Glenda, CYFD and NMSU to ensure participants are receiving the best available information and tools to assist parents who are working with these children in transitioning home, remaining in foster care or continuing the process through adoption.

Glenda worked for approximately eight years within Civil Service. She was 911 dispatcher and automation clerk for the Provost Marshal's Office at Fort Riley, Kansas. This position required developing and inputting statistics into a computer program to be viewed by higher echelons. She was a Mobilization and Plans Specialist as well. Her research and computer skills also required her to gather information and maintain updates for 921 National Reserve Units utilizing the GCCS system.

During her work with Civil Service Glenda was able to obtain the highest standard rating for the Training Manuals Library which involved research from across the globe. Confidentiality, communication and research allowed Glenda to continually obtain promotions and work several positions. She received excellent recommendations on her reports, abilities to research and her communication skills with every rank within the military. She was chosen to represent both civilian and military personnel on the board of (EEOs) Equal Employment Opportunity.

Glenda has published several articles for her local newspaper (The Talon). She enjoys writing for the paper to bring awareness of drugs to the town.


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One of the articles written for Glenda's local newspaper was published over a two month time frame. The editor of the paper contacted Glenda personally and stated she "teared up" after reading the article. The response from the article was over-whelming for both Glenda and her family. She received calls and permission to republish the article as a children's book.


Writing about the "Autobahn" in Germany.

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Glenda is excellent in locating resources and information pertaining to her articles. She works within an industry where where finding information related to specific topics is imperative. Sharing information which is accurate and complete, Glenda continues to expand her knowledge for any articles assigned to her.

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