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Sarah is an articulate, driven, and detail-oriented wordsmith committed to assisting clients from diverse backgrounds in effectively communicating their ideas and engaging their target audience through clear and compelling content.

She has developed her writing, editing, and researching skills through a graduate education, professional freelance assignments, and work as an educator. She has experience with a wide variety of styles and project types, from editing 18th century diary transcripts to creating SEO copy for a plumbing company.

Expertise includes:
• Creating and developing dynamic marketing copy for both print & the web.
• Explaining & communicating difficult concepts to a wider reading audience.
• Developing effective and consistent blog content that emphasizes Search Engine Optimization.
• Editing content for clarity & coherence while maintaining the author’s original voice.
• Thorough market research that ensures content is appropriate for its intended audience.


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Industry Projects

  • Marketing100+
  • Finance100+
  • Real Estate50+
  • Beauty50+
  • Technology20+
  • Non Profit20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Sarah has experience working for a full-service marketing, public relations, and publishing firm. In this position, she has written various types of marketing copy for websites, social media, brochures, flyers, and advertisements. During her experience with this firm, she also served as a ghostwriter for blogs and other articles for marketing professionals.


Having worked as a social media and blog manager for a financial education company with an international audience, Sarah provides unique insight for clients in the finance industry who need interesting and informative blog and article content.

Combining her knowledge of financial topics with her passion for education, Sarah enjoys using her experience to help companies in the finance industry connect with and inform their audience through clear, well-researched and compelling content.

Real Estate

Having worked as a social media and blog content manager for a financial education company specializing in real estate investment, Sarah has developed a knack for writing compelling real estate content, including articles about buying, selling, financing, and refurbishing residential and commercial properties.

Sarah has also written content for the local division of one of America's largest homebuilders. Projects included press releases about new community openings, marketing descriptions for community websites, and crisis communication materials. Her diverse experience with real estate writing has given her the unique opportunity to appeal to not only buyers, but also sellers and investors.


A self-proclaimed beauty fanatic, Sarah enjoys staying up to date and writing content on beauty tips and trends. She has written blog posts for both salons and beauty supply companies.


Having got her start in copywriting working for an IT solutions company, Sarah has worked on various content writing projects about diverse sectors of technology.

Sample projects include:
* Case studies for an IT solutions company
* Website content for an IT solutions company aimed at medical offices and hospitals
* Blog posts for a company that provides IT education and training solutions
* Article on trending jobs in the IT sector
* Top 10 list articles on apps and software used for time management, fitness, and finance

Non Profit

Through her experience as a content writer for a marketing and public relations firm, Sarah has worked with many non-profits to create copy that resonates with target readers and accomplishes each organization's unique goals.

Sample projects include: press releases for fundraising events, website copy, brochure content, social media content, and letters to donors.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post500+
  • Web Page100+
  • Press Release100+
  • Article50+
  • Facebook Post20+
  • Twitter Post20+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Over the course of her career, Sarah has written hundreds of blog posts for a variety of industries, including real estate, finance, IT, medical/health, and marketing. Her approach to blogging is to create interesting, informative, and well-researched posts that emphasize SEO and offer readers value and entertainment. In addition to blogging for clients, Sarah is also an avid blogger on her own site.

Web Page

Sarah's favorite type of copywriting is creating compelling website content for businesses. Throughout her freelance career, Sarah has become skilled and efficient at writing webpage copy that emphasizes Search Engine Optimization without sacrificing coherence or readability. The end result is inviting content that communicates each company's unique product or service offering through clear and consistent language that speaks to the target audience.

Press Release

As a Content Writer at a marketing and public relations firm who specialized in outreach and exposure through the digital press releases, Sarah has written many press releases for companies large and small from a variety of industries. Her specialty is crafting pre and post-event press releases for non-profit organizations.

Sample press release projects include:
* Announcing new practitioners and office openings for a local Dermatology group
* Presenting and highlighting the features of new communities for the Southwest Florida division of a national homebuilder
* Promoting an elegant gala event for a non-profit organization aimed at wealthy philanthropists in Southwest Florida
* Reporting fundraising numbers for a yearly sporting event which raises money for a children's hospital


Sarah's background in both marketing and academia have given her a unique approach to writing articles. Her work as a Content Writer at a marketing, public relations, and publishing firm required her to remain fresh and creative in her approach to each topic. This position also exposed her to a variety of industries which has given her the ability to write passionately and knowledgeably about a wide range of topics.

Through her graduate education and work as a university educator, she has developed exceptional researching skills and become adept at breaking down difficult concepts for a wider, general reading audience.

The end result is well-researched and polished work that is both compelling and informative, written in a language that the target market can comprehend.

Facebook Post

Having previously worked as a Social Media Manager for a financial education company, Sarah is adept at creating engaging and informative Facebook posts. Her industry experience has given her insight into how to make company posts visible in the sea of other Facebook posts, as well as what type of content will engage readers and entice them to open a link. Sarah also currently manages social media for a handful of private clients.

Twitter Post

As a former Social Media Manager for a company with an international audience, Sarah has an eye for effective social media content. She is adept at creating engaging Twitter posts that stand out in the constant noise of the Twitter universe. Her industry experience has not only given her insight into what type of content will engage readers but also what entices them to open a link. Sarah also currently manages social media for a handful of private clients.

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