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Anne is an experienced content writer, SEO and digital marketer. She has worked both in-house creating content calendars, developing content ideas, writing engaging content and editing content from her team of writers.

In addition to her in-house work, she works as a digital marketing freelance consultant. Her consulting work includes content writing, SEO, and other digital marketing related services.

Anne has the ability to adapt her writing to match your brand's unique voice, or develop a post in the voice you desire.


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Industry Projects

  • Marketing1,000+
  • Business1,000+
  • Search Marketing1,000+
  • Food1,000+
  • Career1,000+
  • Beauty1,000+
  • Gaming1,000+
  • Relationships1,000+
  • Finance1,000+
  • Banking1,000+
  • Real Estate1,000+
  • Consumer Goods500+

Summary of Industry Experience


Anne has written a variety of different marketing pieces in many different styles. Her work as a copywriter and SEO has taught her how to write marketing copy that get discovered in search engines, and convert readers into loyal customers.

In addition to traditional marketing, Anne has experience managing the social communities and platforms for a wide variety of businesses. Her experience includes creating social media calendars, creating topics, drafting posts, and measuring results.


Business is a broad topic, and Anne's wide range of experience is likely to suit any business related service request. Anne has worked with small business owners all the way to VP's of marketing at Fortune 500 companies. She can not only write on the topic of business, but deliver business documents such as press releases, white-papers and more.

Search Marketing

Anne's search marketing experience includes organic search marketing, such as SEO as well as paid marketing channels such as Adwords. Whether you are seeking to drive traffic to your site through search results or ads, Anne has the experience to help you.


Anne has worked with gluten-free blogs as well as diet blogs to create blog posts catering to specific audience types. She has ghost-written posts on cooking tips, improving recipes, and more.


Anne has a wide range of experience that can be classified under "Career". As a manager who has created job posts, and interviewed applicants by phone and in-person Anne has a wealth of experience to offer both recruiters and job applicants. In addition, Anne has ghost-written articles on the topics of improving your resume, job seeking, interviewing, and more.


Anne has worked with many businesses in the beauty industry. Her experience ranges from working with local businesses to create search engine optimized websites, working with individual beauty associates to create optimized blogs selling their products, and working with more well known blogs as a ghost-writer on a variety of beauty and skin care related topics.


Anne not only runs a highly popular gaming site, she has also ran server based gaming communities for a large MMORPGs. Her gaming sites receive over 15k visits a month in organic search traffic.


Anne has ghost-written a variety of articles on the topic of relationships. These articles were targeted to both men and women, and included dating advice, advice for maintaining a healthy relationship, conflict resolution and more.


Anne's banking experience, and fielding questions on personal finance has provided her with a wealth of experience in financial related manners. In addition, she has ghost-written a number of blog posts about personal finance including saving money, budgeting, beginner investments, and more.


In addition to working in the banking industry for over 6 years, Anne has written many articles and blog posts about banking. Her experience as a lead teller, email response associate, high-value customer contact, and live chat associate, has provided her with knowledge of what questions consumers are asking and the best way to answer those questions.

Real Estate

Anne has worked with a number of real estate agencies and agents. She has experience creating content that is optimized for local search, factually accurate, and matches today's current real estate trends.

Consumer Goods

Anne has experience crafting reviews, as well as writing optimized and unique descriptions for a variety of consumer goods.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post1,000+
  • Facebook Post1,000+
  • Twitter Post1,000+
  • Article1,000+
  • Web Page1,000+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Anne has experience writing blog posts on a variety of subjects. Her blog posts have ranged in length, but an average post length is 400-500 words. Her posts are optimized for search engines as well as readers. She ensures the copy contains compelling headlines that grab the readers attention and keep them wanting more.

Facebook Post

As a social media consultant for a variety of businesses, Anne has experience drafting social media copy for Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms such as Google Plus.

Her Facebook posts include locating useful resources to link to, writing text copy, and posting images and video.

Twitter Post

As a social media consultant for a variety of businesses, Anne has experience drafting social media copy for Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms such as Google Plus.

Her Twitter posts include locating useful resources to link to, writing copy within the character limit that prompts users to retweet or favorite, and posting images.


Anne has written articles and blog posts on a variety of topics. In addition to writing blog posts, she has experience crafting compelling topics and search engine optimized copy. She knows how to uncover the questions your target audience is asking, and craft blog posts addressing those questions to drive traffic and leads to your business.

Web Page

Anne has crafted website copy for a variety of businesses. Her website services have included creating sales pages, about pages, services pages and home page copy. In addition, she has written product descriptions for e-commerce stores and review sites.

She has experience writing website copy in your brand's voice, ensuring the copy is optimized with important keywords (without sounding artificial), and delivering copy that converts.

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