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Having studied at West Virginia University, Jon is someone you can trust when it comes to writing engaging, conversational copy. Punctual and detail-oriented, he's a self-starter, someone who will give your copy the attention and style it deserves.


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Jon has worked for numerous outlets, all the while building a creative, engaging portfolio. The majority of his work centers around how the youth of the 21st Century are reacting to major disruptions in their lives.


Jon's past work in science has focused on the concerns facing humanity at large in the coming decades. With a portfolio based around new energy technologies, Jon approaches each topic with the cool, level-headed nature of a respectful observer.


Jon's expertise in travel is based around nomadic, low-cost backpacking. Throughout southern Asia and onto countries such as New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia, he's scoured the available information and put together a package of easily digestible facts and advice.

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