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With more than twenty years of agency experience for consumer and business-to-business clients representing a wide variety of industries, Todd possesses proven strategic content development and copywriting skills. He has a consistent record of persuading and educating target audiences and effectively communicating the client message, brand and position.

An early career in journalism culminated as managing editor of a business and lifestyle publication. Todd is multi-dimensional problem solver with the ability to succeed on demanding writing challenges under critical deadlines.

This writer consistently and creatively delivers thoughtful strategic planning, solid project management and focused writing from stellar concepts to compelling completions.


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Todd P's Direct Mail Product Experience

10 Projects Completed

You only have one chance to make a first impression and, in the direct mail universe you only have once chance to attract and retain the consumer's interest. Todd believes that the challenge of creating conversions through direct mail campaigns can realize success with the correct combination of concept, copy and visual-- a formula he has been succeeding with for years.

Industry Projects

  • Consumer Goods100+
  • Finance50+
  • Non Profit20+
  • Outdoor/Recreation10+
  • Sports10+
  • Food10+
  • Education10+

Summary of Industry Experience

Consumer Goods

Across a variety of categories, Todd has represented original equipment manufactures, distributors and retail operations as a creative consultant collaboratively producing original advertising copy, consumer brochures, catalog descriptions, product line names, web content, sales sheets, product specifications, manuals and more. Clients include Riddell, Lacrosse International and Arbill Safety Products.


Todd has experience with high-level financial related content development including white paper authoring, web site content, consumer collateral and advertising copy where compliance knowledge is a must. With a focus on supporting the firm's personality and showcasing competitive benefits, Todd has partnered with board run community banks, financial services companies and independent wealth management firms.

Non Profit

Todd's continual work with a collection of local, regional and national non-profits involves defining missions, informing grants, event branding, creating white papers and authoring motivating copy that inspires support and augments the development efforts. Experience includes community organizations, children's charities, environmental causes, educational foundations, homeless shelters and TEDx.


As an outdoor enthusiast and avid mountain biker, road cyclist, hiker, camper and kayaker, Todd is passionate when it comes to writing about the outdoor industry. He's authored programs for major excursions and brochures for consumer manufacturers selling recreational products. The compelling blending of real experience into the sales narrative comes naturally for this writer.


Athletics are an important part of Todd Palmer's active lifestyle and he is equally agile at using targeted writing to communicate the message to an audience of sporting goods consumers as he is writing technical copy and industry news for virtually any sport category.


From local specialty shops to five-star restaurants and nationally distributed food and beverage products, Todd has a definitive salivating flair for food writing. Among other things, he has composed editorial copy for national publications to use in a restaurant feature and developed descriptive content and names for well known beers.


Todd has developed an extensive amount of both descriptive and instructional content for educational institutions including public school districts, charter school groups and independent private schools. From developing mission statements and program content to fundraising and curriculum support, Todd has deep experience communicating to and for students, parents and educators.

Product Projects

  • Facebook Post100+
  • Web Page100+
  • Advertisement10+
  • Brochure10+
  • Presentation10+
  • Direct Mail10+
  • Press Release10+
  • Radio Spot10+
  • Annual Report5

Summary of Product Experience

Facebook Post

Todd manages social media programs for multiple clients and creates editorial calendars to help them develop meaningful messages that engage the Facebook audience to create conversations that promote the brand effort.

Web Page

Todd understands the brief amount of time an Internet presence has to attract and engage a potential customer. With a voice that represents the brand mission, he uses an arsenal of creative writing devices to develop web copy that draws the reader in with the fewest possible powerful words. While focusing on communicating he also filters SEO requirements into every web writing assignment.


For the past 20 years Todd has been the Creative Director and chief copywriter for an extremely creative and busy advertising agency where his daily challenge was to brainstorm copy concepts that effectively positioned client brands, products and services. The message is hyper-critical in this level of advertising competition and rising above with professionalism requires a unique skill set. Todd is as comfortable developing creative copy concepts as he is crafting display ad language.


Understanding the client mission and transforming insight into consumer action is what Todd does. Arresting headlines, engaging captions, punchy prose that calls out to the reader to make a move is all a part of the brochure development process for Todd. He finds analyzing targets and distribution method as critical as content and competition and enjoys developing brochure copy content with a strategic plan.


Brevity is important in a presentation and Todd develops content that is engaging and informational with just the right amount of words. A former headline writer and ferocious editor, Todd understands the objective of an effective presentation and creates memorable messages to support client missions.

Direct Mail

You only have one chance to make a first impression and, in the direct mail universe you only have once chance to attract and retain the consumer's interest. Todd believes that the challenge of creating conversions through direct mail campaigns can realize success with the correct combination of concept, copy and visual-- a formula he has been succeeding with for years.

Press Release

In a clear, engaging voice, Todd simplifies corporate narratives and complex processes. Whether damage control or a new product launch, Todd's persuasive public relations programs accentuate the positive and achieve results within a defined target market.

Radio Spot

Script development, whether a voice over or conversational dialog is a passion of Todd's and something he does very well. He's great at creating solid starting points for short form audio presentations and radio commercials and fleshing them out with clear, compelling messages as a single spot or a creative series.

Annual Report

Todd has ghostwritten annual letters for CEOs and introductory content for clients in multiple categories. He likes to think of the brand's annual report as a complete vehicle that effectively showcases past performance while communicating a definitive vision for the future. He is adept at applying the brand personality and annual report style to all aspects of the document.

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