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Katelyn is a state board certified, part-time cosmetologist at a salon in her home town. She specializes in hair and natural nail manicures at her job and has extensive knowledge in these areas. After having a few subpages of her own, she has become SEO savvy and has sold SEO writing pieces for clients all over the web. Katelyn has given helpful review pieces to her clients, successfully increasing sales for them. This writer thrives in creative writing and songwriting and can help anyone needing an imaginative touch to their works. With such a wide range of writing skills she can complete even the most difficult of orders.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Katelyn currently works part time as a cosmetologist in her hometown. She is state board certified by South Carolina LLR. This writer has extensive knowledge in all cosmetology procedures (hair, nails, makeup).


Katelyn has lived around pets for the entirety of her life. She has gained immeasurable knowledge in caring for pets (such as cats and dogs).


Katelyn has been in one relationship for a quarter of her lifetime. She is soon marrying and is already living with her partner. She can give much advice on relationships and how to maintain them.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


Though Katelyn hasn't had many paid opportunities in advertising, she has had to use the skill quite a lot for herself. In the cosmetology business, cosmetologists must constantly advertise their works and products to have a good client base. When it comes to advertising, she won't let you down.

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