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Valerie has built a successful freelance writing career on a foundation of intellectual curiosity and top-notch writing skills. She has a B.A. degree (double major in English and government) from Colby College and an M.A. in literature from the University of Virginia.

Her writing spans several professions:

• She wrote three feature length screenplays, one of which was optioned.
• She successfully wrote and edited a number of grants, including a $9 million National Science Foundation grant.
• She published several essays in peer-reviewed academic journals.
• She's written blog posts, articles, white papers, ebooks, web pages, bios, advertorials, video scripts, press releases, infographics, and case studies.

Past and present clients include Sears, UPS, The Simple Dollar, Bankrate, Movoto, the University of Tennessee, Wootric, Veros Real Estate Solutions, Bluehost, Jerry's Artarama, Hiveage, Best of New Jersey, Peak Corporate Network, Sparkhouse, Hahn Public Communications, and a number of agencies and small businesses.

Valerie has a 100 percent completion rate on platform assignments and a 100 percent success rate with clients.

She is not a high volume writer. Each assignment has her focused attention, and she genuinely cares about client expectations. Although she is willing to help regular clients meet their deadlines and will prioritize their needs, she only takes on new work that she knows she can complete to the highest standard.

Clients are welcome to reach out to Valerie through the WriterAccess message system to discuss their project and see if she would be a good fit for them.
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Although she can be witty and entertaining when called on to do so, Valerie is a better fit for clients who want their words to carry authority. She excels at thought pieces, blog posts, articles, video scripts, and books.

She loves working in the business coaching space and has ghostwritten several books about entrepreneurship and productivity.

Her strong journalistic voice is particularly well-suited to industries like legal, health, finance, nonprofit, and real estate.

Her screenwriting background makes her adept at writing clear and engaging dialogue.

As an educator, she is a natural for putting together study guides and providing commentary on trends in higher education.

She also knows how to do proper research. Valerie can quickly scan a medical study or financial report in order to glean the information most valuable to the client and provide both originality and substance.


Valerie bought a 200-year-old historic homestead on the coast of Maine in the summer of 2015 and devotes most of her free time to bringing the place back to life.

The property has two houses, one of which she rents during the season. Developing this business has honed her marketing skills and given her hands-on experience in real estate, home improvement, and the hospitality industries.


Colby College

Valerie graduated with a distinction in both her majors. She earned enough college credits to have a history minor as well. Her poetry won several awards. She was the editor of the college literary magazine.

University of Virginia

After receiving her Master's degree, Valerie went on to attain all-but-dissertation (ABD) status. She was awarded a triple distinction on her PhD oral examination and the Balch Prize for best first-year graduate student essay. She also received the prestigious DuPont Fellowship to support her doctoral research on the nineteenth-century American novel.


346 Projects Completed

Valerie has written nearly 200 blog posts and articles for several top online universities, ranging from career tips and study applications to detailed descriptions of degree programs. She has also written for websites that promote learning tools, assist students applying to college, and sell classroom materials to teachers. She has even written copy for a prestigious Swiss boarding school.

A writing instructor at the college level for more than 20 years, Valerie brings practical experience to her work -- as well as a keen knowledge of correct grammar, syntax, and mechanics.

Real Estate

252 Projects Completed

Valerie has completed hundreds of real estate assignments, including MLS and city descriptions, landing page copy, press releases, newsletters, agent bios, blog posts, and brochures. She can translate complex state foreclosure regulations and the IRS code into plain language, and she can use current data to forecast trends. She has written for property management companies, mortgage brokers, companies that develop and sell automated valuation models (AVMs), national real estate conglomerates, and small independent agents.


234 Projects Completed

Valerie enjoys writing legal copy and has completed over one hundred assignments in this industry, many of them blogs for Findlaw. She has helped attorneys to rewrite and update existing websites and written original copy for a number of personal injury and family law offices. She will research the statutes in your state or province before writing anything because she knows that precise and factual wording is critical in legal copy.

She is proficient in both US and Canadian law. She specializes in family law.


105 Projects Completed

Valerie enjoys writing for entrepreneurs and CEOs in the business coaching space. She's written dozens of posts and articles about productivity, time management, retreats, and corporate branding, and she's ghostwritten several books about productivity and entrepreneurship.

She also knows a great deal about legal entities, business financing, and establishing nonprofits.

Some of this information comes from personal experience. Valerie purchased a 27-acre seasonal property on the coast of Maine, which she is converting into an incubator farm and retreat space. This enterprise has taught her how to network, apply for business loans, manage contractors, hire employees -- many of the things clients call on her to write about.

Home Living

95 Projects Completed

Valerie has written articles, blog posts and white papers giving advice on the following home living topics: saving money, installing plumbing, decorating a home, landscaping, pool service, roof repair and green construction. She wrote an ebook on frugal living that is currently available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

She has been a homeowner on a budget for more than 20 years, so her writing in this industry is shaped by personal experience. Her advice tends to be pragmatic rather than idealistic. For instance, if saving money is the point of the article, she advocates green living tips only when they do save money.

She also knows how to have a sense of humor about this topic. As any homeowner who lived through an extensive remodel knows, there are times when all you can do is laugh.


87 Projects Completed

Valerie has written articles on medications, specific diseases, longevity, diet, and wellness. She specializes in writing about stress-reduction, nutrition, and preventive care. She has written several articles describing opportunities in the field of nursing. Her clients value her ability to conduct proper research and present it logically and in an easy-to-understand format.

Because her mother worked for a dentist over 20 years, Valerie grew up with a behind-the-scenes view of dentistry and can write with confidence about all aspects of general and cosmetic dentistry as well as periodontics and endodontics.

Non Profit

53 Projects Completed

Valerie has several years' experience working with non-profits both off and on this platform. She was a volunteer grant writer for the Austin Independent School District for three years and wrote several successful grants as well as helped to determine budget priorities for a local elementary school.

She has been in charge of writing the blog for an organization focused on diversity initiatives.

She is currently the secretary of the Adjunct Faculty Association at Austin Community College, where she is in the process of creating a blog and meets regularly with administrators of the College to discuss how adjuncts are likely to be affected by program changes.


50 Projects Completed

Valerie is a family and relationship expert on another platform and a paid blogger on a website devoted to divorced mothers.

She specializes in writing about high conflict divorce, parenting adopted children, and understanding family systems.


37 Projects Completed

Valerie has traveled extensively, mostly in North America and Europe. She's had a number of offbeat travel experiences. Sued for having a cat in a German apartment building? She's been there. Charged by an angry bison while driving back from seeing 4th of July fireworks in South Dakota? You bet. She's eaten snapper caught by fishermen with spears on a three acre caye off the coast of Belize, and she's touched gray whales in Mexico. She's attended a christening in the Portuguese countryside. She's bargained in the jade markets of Guangzhou and gone Wadlopen in the Netherlands and seen clog dancing in the Dordogne. She writes vividly about different cultures and from a perspective that is a bit out of the ordinary.


36 Projects Completed

Valerie is a paid blogger on a national website devoted to women's issues and has published articles on women's fitness, health issues, parenting, and relationships.

Blog Post

665 Projects Completed

Blog posts account for nearly one half of Valerie's work at WriterAccess. She understands that clients are looking for engaging and relevant content to drive business to their site and increase SEO, and she goes the extra mile to make sure that her blogs contain something a bit out of the ordinary.

She is slowly finding her niche writing playful blogs, using her creative writing background and native wit to craft list posts and blogs that have a satiric edge.

Web Page

214 Projects Completed

Valerie has written web pages for a number of clients in industries ranging from real estate to legal and supply chain logistics. She knows how to write scannable, relevant content that engages the reader and encourages them to become a customer.

She has received more client endorsements in this asset type than in any other at WriterAccess.


197 Projects Completed

Valerie comes from an academic background where she honed her skills writing professional articles. Her work in the fields of American literature and cultural studies has been published in several peer-reviewed journals.

She has also written a number of articles for paying clients on subjects including politics, relationships, health care, wellness, and pets.


15 Projects Completed

Valerie has written two original screenplays and one adaptation. Each script was for a feature length film. One of the original scripts was shopped around extensively and read by a number of industry professionals. A different company optioned her adaptation under a standard one year contract.

Valerie understands the basic elements of screenwriting -- story arch, dialogue, and the pacing of individual scenes.


5 Projects Completed

Valerie has written a number of proposals in connection with her work in the field of education. She is skilled at providing clear rationales and understands how to incorporate statistical data when appropriate. As a volunteer for her daughter's elementary school she authored successful grants for the Junior League and Whole Foods Corporation. She also helped edit several large science grants for the National Science Foundation, the Hubble Space Telescope, and NASA.

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