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Shamala has been working as a web content writer and blogger since 2007. She has worked for content providers, businesses, website owners, publishers and marketing professionals. She writes articles, blog posts, eBooks and advertising materials. She uses both casual and formal styles of writing based on the needs of the client and the target audience.


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  • Health50+
  • Fitness50+
  • Marketing10+

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Shamala is a Clinical Microbiologist. She is also a certified Technical and Copy Writer and written hundreds of articles and blog posts on a wide range of health topics including diabetes, infectious diseases, cardiovascular illnesses and obesity. Her academic background and experience help her identify the right sources and write articles according to the needs of the client.


Shamala has a Masters degree in Clinical Biology. She is a trained Copy Writer as well and has contributed hundreds of articles related to fitness, weight loss, exercise and diet. She has been writing for more than six years. Her work has been published on prominent health and fitness websites. She has also writes web content, advertising materials and eBooks for companies selling fitness supplements and equipment.


Shamala writes web content and advertising material for many types of businesses. She also develops content marketing strategies for eBooks and healthcare products. She specializes in writing consumer-specific and search-engine friendly articles and blogs.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Article20+

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Blog Post

Shamala has written hundreds of blog posts for many types of businesses. She specializes in casual style of writing which is interesting, informative and captivating.


Shamala has written hundreds of articles of varying word counts. Her strength lies in her ability to mold her writing style according to the needs of her client. She writes a wide range of topics such as education, famiy, health, product reviews and fashion.

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