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Darryl has nearly ten years experience writing for the web on a variety of topics. Some of his expert topics include weight loss, quitting smoking, the paranormal, credit repair and marketing, but he is able to write on any topic with a little bit of research. He is also an expert fiction writer with experience in young adult, horror and romance.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Darryl has written a variety of articles in the medical field for many clients through some of the websites that he is employed by. Some of these topics include: dentistry, 3-D virtual tours (medical facility), anxiety, depression as well as various physical illnesses or ailments.


Darryl has experience in digital publishing in a variety of formats including paperback, Kindle, Nook and other digital formats.

Self Help

Darryl has written several self help books for others in this industry as well as a couple of books that he has published himself.

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