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Whitney has been writing on a professional basis since 2010. She has created more than 6,500 pieces of content, all of which have been accepted by thousands of clients, and she has more than 2,000 pieces of content approved through the Writer Access platform.

Whitney's writing expertise extends into many areas. She mostly enjoys writing about topics focused on addiction, the health care industry, going to college, and business financing.

She has discovered over the past several years that she truly enjoys creating blog postings, white papers, articles, press releases, and newsletters. However, she is more than willing to take on other types of writing assignments, such as those relating to brochure creation, product reviews and event information.

Some of Whitney's proudest writing-related accomplishments have been featured on Insight.com, Forbes, HSBC Premier, UrRepublic, and in Vero Beach magazine.

She has an AA in Business Administration w/a concentration in Human Resources from the American InterContinental University. She completed the two-year program in less than 15 months with a near 4.0 GPA.

As of right now, Whitney is a stay-at-home mother who spends anywhere from four to eight hours a day writing content for many clients.

Through her attentiveness to detailed instructions and willingness to communicate on a personable level with all clients, Whitney is your go-to content writer for all of your content development needs.


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Industry Projects

  • Career1,000+
  • Technology1,000+
  • Health1,000+
  • Marketing1,000+
  • Business1,000+
  • Education1,000+
  • Finance1,000+
  • Legal1,000+
  • Insurance500+
  • Construction500+
  • Consumer Goods500+
  • Entertainment100+
  • Banking100+
  • Travel100+
  • Food100+
  • Kids/Family50+
  • Women50+
  • Beauty20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Whitney understands the importance of having a career. With a degree in business administration and excellent writing skills, Whitney has produced a large number of articles directly related to establishing and building a career. From helping people enroll in college programs to explaining the ins-and-outs of what it takes to be successful in certain lines of work, Whitney's articles have helped thousands of people enhance their careers.


Technology continues to play a vital role in the health of any business. Whether it be performing accounting tasks or communicating with vendors, technology influences the way businesses carry out these processes. Whitney has much experience in producing a wide range of articles directly related to the technology industry, with many of them being published on Insight.com.


Many of the articles that Whitney has produced for paid clients have directly related to the health care industry. With much experience gained through hands-on training as a pharmaceutical tech, Whitney has much to give in relation to articles relating to health care topics.


With a degree in Business Administration, Whitney fully understands the overall importance that marketing has on the success of any business. When marketing tools and strategies aren't properly utilized, a business is sure to lose out on customers, which translates into a loss in profits. On the other hand, when used in the right way, such tools and strategies can be used to help propel businesses to become industry leaders. All businesses that are looking to grow should develop strong marketing agendas.


Whitney has been working in the real-world since she was 15-years-old. She has many years of retail experience as well as several years of business experience directly related to the pharmaceutical industry.

As a pharmacy technician, Whitney learned how to appropriately communicate with demanding consumers on a daily basis.

In between her working days in high school and earning a degree, Whitney was a head server at a local mom and pop restaurant. She overseen and trained 15 to 20 employees at any given time.

After earning a degree in Business Administration, Whitney has went on to become a successful professional freelance writer, spending almost all of her days producing articles for clients who are willing to give her expertise a try. Her knowledge extends into many areas, including marketing, business finance and more.


Whitney spends the most of her time being a stay-at-home mother who understands the true value of education. Many of the articles that she produces for clients directly relate to earning a post-secondary education as well as tips for continuing one's education after a degree has been earned.


Whitney has completed many pieces of content directly related to finance. As a savvy financial planner herself, Whitney understands that money doesn't grow on trees, and she strives to create content that help people get the most 'bang for their buck.'


Whitney studied criminal justice after earning her degree in business administration, however, she soon started focusing her attention on her true passion in life: writing. Whitney has always been intensely interested in the criminal justice system and has produced many pieces of writing directly related to her beliefs on how the system can and should be improved.


From the beginning of Whitney's writing career, she quickly noticed that insurance topics were in high demand by marketing managers. She has been creating content related to the insurance industry for many years, and with each piece that she produces, she expands her knowledge through in-depth research. She always makes sure to integrate her expanded knowledge within each future order that she completes.


Whitney has seen firsthand the importance that quality management plays in the overall development of construction projects. She has personally worked on more than 10 home construction projects. From the pouring of the footers to the painting of the walls, Whitney overseen many tasks. These spec homes were built with the intention of selling them, and proudly, along with effective collaboration with Whitney's father, they can say each home was sold with a profit.

Consumer Goods

Whitney has created more than 500 pieces of content that directly relate to consumer goods. Her content has helped consumers learn the best ways to research and buy products, while many pieces have also been used by businesses for marketing purposes. Her overall goal in creating consumer goods-related content is to provide her professional advice to those on both sides of the fence: consumers and businesses.


As an entertainment junkie herself, Whitney keeps up with the latest Hollywood gossip on a daily basis. From Lindsay Lohan's latest arrest to Miley Cyrus' most recent wild tour, Whitney uses Google, Yahoo and TMZ to stay current with today's juiciest Hollywood drama.


The banking industry largely affects almost all aspects of a person's life, and Whitney understands that money itself plays a large role in how satisfied a person is in his or her life. Whitney strives to provide easy to understand content related to banking in a way that society as a whole will benefit from the banking-related topics discussed.


Whitney has traveled all around the United States. Some of her trips were taken as family vacations while others were for business. She has also traveled to Guatemala on two family trips in which her and her family adopted a little boy.

Whitney has created content related to travel for nearly four years, with some of the content being produced for brochures, magazines and online websites.


Whitney prides herself in being a savvy food junkie. She studies the ins-and-outs of nutrition, always striving to provide her family with meals that boost their metabolisms, enhance their moods and help them maintain a healthy weight. She enjoys writing about an assortment of topics related to the food industry, especially those relating to how a person can establish a career working with food.


As a mother herself, Whitney has firsthand knowledge relating to raising a child. She often uses her knowledge to create tips and tricks for other parents who are in need of her advice. From "5 Proven Ways to Get Teens Out of Bed" to "Are Bedtime Snacks Good or Bad?" Whitney greatly enjoys creating content that is relevant to those who have children.


Whitney greatly enjoys creating content for and about women. From top tips for breastfeeding to a wide array of content related to cosmetic surgery, Whitney is you go-to gal in terms of purchasing content that directly relates to some of today's most debated hot topics.


From dressing like a celebrity without emptying your wallet to buying inexpensive yet quality makeup online, Whitney strives to create beauty-related tips and tricks that the typical woman can afford to live by. She has undergone cosmetic procedures herself and enjoys sharing her experiences with other people.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Blog Post1,000+
  • Press Release50+
  • White Paper20+

Summary of Product Experience


Whitney has produced more than 3,500 articles that have been accepted by thousands of clients.

She is a current contributor to PainPatient.com, MarijuanaHealthWellness.com, and ErectileDoctor.com. Some of her article contributions can be also be found on Insight.com, HSBC Premier and in Vero Beach Magazine.

The topics that Whitney writes about are large in number. By giving Whitney a topic, she will do thorough research and complete just about any type of article that you are seeking.

Blog Post

Whitney has produced more than 1,500 pieces of content that were strictly blog post-related. These blog posts have varied in topic, ranging from pets to health care to business financing and more. Blog postings are one of Whitney's most prized and favorite types of content to produce.

Press Release

Whitney has produced several press releases. She understands that press release formats come in a wide variety, and it depends on the exact preferences of a client as to which format to follow. If a client doesn't know or care which press release format to follow, Whitney conducts in-depth research to ensure the best type is chosen.

White Paper

Whitney's white paper pieces of content have always been given excellent ratings. She once produced an 8,000-word white paper in less than eight hours. The entire project was accepted and published by the client who gave the initial assignment request. She was highly-praised for her ability to conduct research and complete the huge order in such a small amount of time.

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