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Cheryl doesn't remember a time when she wasn't interested in reading and writing. As a young child, she dictated stories to her grandparents before learning to write, and later created a "family newspaper", appointing herself both reporter and editor-in-chief. In high school, Cheryl participated in the school newspaper and literary magazine. It was in college that she discovered a love of research and academic writing.

Cheryl began freelance writing as a way of filling in the gaps in her income during a period of unemployment. She was asked to handle some overflow work by a friend that owned a small freelance writing service, and discovered that she enjoyed the work. She began by writing blog posts in the areas of travel, family and parenting, and real estate. Soon, she began branching out and writing for other companies, and the part time, temporary freelancing gig evolved into a full time job. Cheryl is skilled in writing about education and health topics in addition to travel, parenting, and real estate.


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  • Business100+
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  • Kids/Family20+
  • Fitness10+
  • Education10+
  • Health10+

Summary of Industry Experience


As a business writer, Cheryl draws on her extensive research into the latest marketing trends and finance information. Cheryl focuses on small business and understands how important it is for business owners to keep up with the most current information in order to stay competitive. She strives to provide accurate and complete information to readers who are seeking to establish and grow their small businesses.


Cheryl has been writing blog posts and articles about travel topics for several years. Whether the topic is how to pack for a trip to Africa, what to expect on a cruise, or what to see, do, and eat in the South of France, Cheryl's personal experience as a world traveler and extensive research into various cultures and locations help her provide the most useful information for other travelers.


Cheryl is a mother of three and a former daycare provider. These life experiences have given her a unique take on the challenges and triumphs faced by families, and the ins and outs of raising, caring for, and interacting with children. She draws on these real life experiences in order to bring readers useful information about families and parenting.


As a fitness writer, Cheryl draws on her extensive research into the latest fitness trends and health information. The fitness industry is rapidly changing and growing, and Cheryl understands the importance of keeping up with the most current information. She utilizes this information to bring accurate and complete information to readers who are seeking to understand health issues and lead healthier lifestyles.


Cheryl's experience as an educational writer involves researching and writing about different colleges, degree programs, and careers. She writes informational articles directed at students or potential students who want to know what degree programs they might need to pursue for a particular career, what those degree programs entail, and which colleges and universities offer those degree programs.


When it comes to writing about the healthcare field, Cheryl has experience working in the field that gives her a wealth of general health knowledge with specific experience in the areas of geriatric care, nursing, home healthcare and nursing facilities. She has also learned from her experience where to research to find the latest and most acurrate information about the industry.

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