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Ryan S. has spent nearly a dozen years working in various capacities for some of the world's largest financial institutions. He has specialized knowledge in personal finance, corporate finance, investing, accounting, marketing and a variety of business topics.

Ryan is also a lifelong writer. He started writing fiction at a young age and continues to work on novels and short stories in his spare time. He now spends much of his time combining his writing ability with his financial and business insight to provide high-quality, unique content to his clients.

Although Ryan specializes in business and financial topics, he is a skilled researcher and is confident writing about any topic. He enjoys learning about new fields and industries through content creation. He has produced content for clients in a variety of industries, including men's and women's health, families and parenting, home improvement, cars, popular culture, and sports.


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  • Finance500+
  • Business100+
  • Legal100+

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Ryan S. is a veteran of the finance industry. He is an expert on personal finance and investing. No assignment in these areas will be too technical or challenging for Ryan to handle. Recent projects include a white paper about interest rate risk as it relates to bonds, an article on the relationship between free cash flow and dividend increases, and an article about whether there is such a thing as too much diversification.


Ryan S. has a deep business background and has used that experience to write hundreds of business articles and white papers. He has written on a variety of topics including financing start-ups and ongoing operations, managing receivables, employee benefits, project management, and supply chain management. An MBA graduate from the University of Cincinnati, he is able to comprehend, research, and clearly articulate even the most technical business topics.


Ryan has written blog posts, firm descriptions, and attorney biographies for hundreds of legal clients. He is familiar with a wide variety of legal topics, but has significant experience with personal injury, car/truck accident, criminal defense, business litigation, and medical malpractice. He is also familiar with legal ethics rules and how attorney communications should be worded so as not to violate those rules.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Blog Post500+

Summary of Product Experience


Ryan S. has written over 1000 articles over the past five years. While his areas of expertise are finance, business, and legal issues, he has written about a wide variety of topics, including popular culture, sports, home improvement, family, and men's and women's health.

Blog Post

Ryan S. is skilled at crafting an entertaining and information-packed blog post in a well-written and friendly tone. He has a large number of blog clients for which he writes regular blog posts, either under his byline or the blog administrator's. Blogs he has written for have included topics like investing, personal finance, legal issues, parenting, home improvement, pet care, women's health, baseball, golf, iPhone applications, and more.

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