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Kasey has had a passion for writing ever since she can remember. Writing poetry, essays and contributing the newspaper was how she excelled in school. In the first half of her time in college, Kasey studied to earn her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts. She took several classes that interested her, such as Journalism, Writing Short Stories, Photography, Mass Communications and Human Relations. She then studied at another school to earn her Bachelor's Degree in Social Sciences. This school is where she took more Journalism classes and contributed to her college's newspaper as much as she could. She became the newspaper's unofficial review and profile writer and even worked as the assistant sports editor. She took on any assignment she could and always made her best effort. This is also where she became interested in sociological studies and even conducted her own.

Shortly after graduating, Kasey was hired at a media research company where every day she wrote a multitude of unique surveys that meet a strict in-house methodology. After three and a half years of this she became knowledgeable with many products and brands, some of which include cars, cosmetics, and fast food chains. She also occasionally writes short opinion pieces to spark conversations about controversial topics in relevant TV shows. Kasey also took on voluntary writing positions for hip-hop and pop culture blogs to continue widening her horizons. She then created her own blog where she writes about places (bars, restaurants, night clubs, etc.) she goes with her friends. She also has worked on various screen plays in her free time.

From all her experience, Kasey has learned to be highly creative, innovative and not afraid to take risks. She has proved to be thorough and organized, allowing her to meet strict deadlines.


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Kasey has written blog posts about hotels she has stayed at as well as survey questions and media research involving a variety of vacation destinations, airlines and cruise lines.

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Summary of Industry Experience


Kasey has written various blog posts about beauty, such as an opinion piece about celebrities and their (what she thought to be) poor plastic surgery choices. She has also written countless surveys consisting of various beauty brands and products where she had to explain their specific purpose. Kasey also once completed a sociological study about what different people from various countries and a multitude of ages viewed as beautiful.


Kasey has written blog posts about hotels she has stayed at as well as survey questions and media research involving a variety of vacation destinations, airlines and cruise lines.


Kasey's most recent job surrounded TV, advertisements, promos and movies. She spent nearly one year tracking product placement within TV shows and movies. The nest two and a half years she spent focusing solely on advertisements, promos and movie trailers. She also has written many entertainment stories for blogs and college newspapers, from restaurant/bar/night club reviews to event and theme park ride reviews. She has also written quite a bit about relevant pop culture as well as opinion posts about controversial points in TV shows to spark conversation. When Kasey has contributed to all these blogs she has helped to promote them through social media.


Kasey has written reviews of restaurants and bars for a blog as well as for her college newspaper. She has also become familiar with a wide variety of food thanks to advertising and survey questions, from grocery store items and fast food to restaurant chains.


Kasey has always been interested in sports. She follows a few professional sports teams. She was the assistant sports editor for her college newspaper and wrote a few sports stories. She also has become familiar with sports she wouldn't be otherwise thanks to her survey writing job.


Kasey has written blog posts for a hip-hop radio station, which contained updates involving anything from the world of hip-hop. She has also done profiles on artists and CD reviews.

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