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Reese is a versatile, enthusiastic freelancer with a range of writing experience, from ghostwriting to concert reviews to content writing. Educated as an English major, Reese's years of experience as both a writing teacher and tutor bring a refined sense of clarity, concision, and accessibility to his writing. His SEO experience includes articles on everything from pets and travel to history and politics, and he loves performing research and presenting topics in a creative, conversational manner. Whatever the subject, Reese strives to create writing that's entertaining, informative, and highly readable.


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Summary of Industry Experience


As an online content writer, Reese has written on career topics for many prominent sites, covering everything from professional development and job descriptions to instructional articles on pursuing different career paths. Reese strives to bring an informative, authoritative tone to his writing while avoiding the clich├ęs and buzzwords that often characterize typical career pieces.


Reese has written a range of business content on topics as diverse as leadership qualities, team-building strategies and profiles of successful business figures. In his business writing, he strives to strike a balance between a conversational and professional tone, creating content that offers instruction and ideas without unnecessary buzzwords and jargon.


Reese is a pop culture aficionado with a comprehensive knowledge of television, film, music, comic books and more. He's written articles on a diverse range of entertainment topics, from exploitation films and independent directors to children's books and "Star Wars" characters. Reese is particularly a fan of art films and science fiction, but he's comfortable writing on a range of entertainment topics.


Reese has written about music for a number of prominent publications, including SSG Music and the Portland Mercury, Portland's weekly alternative newspaper. As an extremely active music fan and a musician himself, he brings a serious level of knowledge and dedication to all of his music writing projects. He's also written numerous articles on subjects as diverse as Madonna, Christmas songs, and independent record labels.


A lifelong lover of animals, Reese has also ghostwritten engaging and humorous articles about pets for prominent lifestyle and social networking websites. Reese is fascinated by all aspects of the animal world, but he particularly enjoys the offbeat end of pet writing, from animal celebrities and artists to millionaire animal heirs.


Reese has been playing video and computer games since the days of the original Nintendo Entertainment System. An eclectic gamer with wide-ranging tastes, Reese enjoys everything from mainstream blockbuster titles to experimental indie games and 16-bit classics. Reese is particularly fond of role-playing games, and is fascinated by the concept of narrative in games as well as their increasing artistic stature.


As both a writing tutor and a former English instructor to foreign language students, Reese has significant experience in the education field. He's particularly interested in charter schools, higher education, foreign language education, and issues related to English and creative writing. In addition to writing, Reese also tutors students for a nationally acclaimed test preparation and tutoring company.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


Reese has written hundreds of articles on a vast array of subjects, including entertainment, literature, technology, food, animals, business and more. As a seasoned content writer, he's keenly aware of the combination of accessibility and engagement that web article writing requires. Whether he's writing about independent art films, household cleaning tips, or prehistoric insects, Reese brings a level of professionalism, approachability, and creativity to every writing project he undertakes.

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