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Michael is a proven master at manipulating the English language. He has experience writing all manner of web copy including press releases, pillar articles, blogs, and landing pages. He also has an extensive background in research and academic writing relative to electronics, management, business, social theory, history, and archaeology. He can best be described as a polyglot, polymath, and all around Renaissance Man.


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  • Web Development6
  • Marketing2
  • Technology1

Summary of Industry Experience

Web Development

Michael has developed content for businesses in a diverse range of fields including plumbing, website design, travel, the music industry, and scuba. This includes the creation of landing pages, blog posts, informational articles, press releases, and social media posts. He understands how to balance the needs of the triune system of consumer, provider, and marketer by blending relevant, SEO-quality content meant to add usability to the internet.


Michael has helped develop online marketing campaigns focusing on link building and content as a service. He has been able to leverage his knowledge of technology as well as marketing and business theory to bring exposure and quality communication to businesses and their consumers. He represents one of the few marketing professionals that is able to grasp that the extended marketing mix and the concept of usability are essentially the same.


Michael has done work creating content for tech-focused sites including ghostwriting for a large, commercial content provider. Articles focused on how-to instructions for installation, troubleshooting, and tweaking as well as briefings on modern software and hardware solutions. His specializations include networking, wireless communication, circuit design, programming, and the broad spectrum of productivity tools from Adobe, Microsoft, Apache, as well as many open source providers.

Product Projects

  • Press Release5

Summary of Product Experience

Press Release

Michael Roche has a unique ability to produce data rich and easy to read press releases. His natural writing style is academic, so the no-frills approach to writing that Press Releases demand is intuitive for him. He also has a strong background in systemic analysis, so coming up with fresh new paradigms of explication and explanation is effortless.

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