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Chuck T
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Chuck T is proficient in writing about a number of topics, all of which are designed to drive online traffic to its intended destinations. His strong writing skills can be attributed to years of intensive training at the university level; as a result, his ability to craft online content goes above and beyond the one-dimensional approach to providing quality content. Venturing into a multitude of genres, his penchant and aptitude for professional sports writing allows him to regularly contribute to blogging sites that cover the NBA, the NHL, and Major League Baseball as well.

Chuck is also more than capable of carefully constructing articles that deal with physical/mental health in general, but also some of the many diseases that plague humanity. As an expert on diabetes, he'll be able to offer advice concerning the ins and outs of this tricky affliction and what it takes to attain stability. Whether dealing with the type I or the type II condition, his in-depth knowledge can be easily passed along to those who need help figuring out how to tame the pancreatic beast.

Press releases are also one of his strong-suits, as well as being able to adopt most any given persona effectively. The feminine voice bears a somewhat sharp contrast when compared to the masculine approach; Chuck believes that attributing a name to suit each respective writing style is as important as the message itself.


Chuck T specializes in academic writing, which includes scholarly essays and journal entries, but also the creative and technical aspects of composition. In addition, he's been carving solid niches in a number of AP journalistic writing milieus. From news articles to political pieces, his skills are more than adequate.


Chuck's interests include rock music, spectator sports, word games, bicycling and recreational skateboarding.


California State Universty Northridge

Chuck's educational endeavors have enabled him to sustain a career as a professional writer. As a nontraditional student, his many years outside of academia allowed him to take full advantage of fully understanding the course material and applying it to a variety of situations in the real world.


50 Projects Completed

Chuck spent a great deal of time tutoring ESL (English as a Second Language) students, teaching them the basics of grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and syntax when writing scholarly essays.


50 Projects Completed

Chuck has been contributing to a number sports blogs, as well as producing content to promote sports training equipment.


2 Projects Completed

Chuck used to transport set lighting and grip equipment to various TV show and movie locations.


1 Projects Completed

Chuck used to work as an on-air personality and disc-jockey for an album oriented rock radio station in Southern California.


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