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Lisa W. excels in research and timeliness. She enjoys writing on a variety of subjects and tackles new ones often to increase her knowledge base. Lisa is an educator with experience in course design, tutoring, and teaching in a classroom and online. She is also a newspaper correspondent. In a former life she worked as a project manager for 20 years in the IT industry and in direct mail. She has written compelling content on parenting, women's health, exercise, education, real estate, outdoor living, lifestyle, food, and travel.

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Lisa W. can create compelling social media snippets (posts) that will entice viewers to click. She specializes in producing leading posts that give jsut enough about the topic and business without being wordy and keyword stuffed. She has written Facebook posts for the travel, vehicle insurance, entertainment, and fitness industries.

Industry Projects

  • Travel100+
  • Food100+
  • Garden100+
  • Women100+
  • Outdoor/Recreation100+
  • Fitness100+
  • Hobby100+
  • Entertainment50+
  • Kids/Family50+
  • Education50+
  • Beauty50+
  • Craft50+
  • Career20+
  • Home Living20+
  • Business20+
  • Relationships10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Lisa W. is a world traveler and has been to Egypt, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, and many states within the United States. She was the travel blog writer for a travel website during 2013 and continues to write articles for several travel websites. In fact, she has written detailed travel guides for 36 of the most traveled Caribbean islands. She can write from a personal perspective, as well as a historical one - the fusion of the two makes for an interesting article.

She has written articles on local cuisine, interesting foods from all over the world, beaches, and tourist activities that have appeared in travel guides and in online and print media.


Lisa W. writes a weekly food column for a newspaper and has done so for 2 years. She is an avid home cook and enjoys trying new things. She then prepares articles and blog spots to share what she has learned.


Lisa W. writes a weekly garden column for a print newspaper and approaches the topic from various vantage points (interesting plants of the world, gardening 102, etc.).


Lisa W. excels at writing topics geared toward women. Recently she has worked on a series of empowering articles about women finding themselves as they enter different chapters of their life for local newspaper. Her approach to the topic is one of understanding and one of encouragement.


Lisa W. is a certified scuba diver and sun lover. She enjoys writing about the beaches of the world and other outdoor activities.


Lisa W. has written many fitness related articles, touching upon a wide range of topics. An avid home video exerciser who has done her time in the gym as well, Lisa understand what is needed to get fit and the time constraints that make this a challenge on a daily basis. She writes her articles from an encouraging perspective - less about form and nutrition and more about the mindset it takes to stay the course.


Lisa W. writes a Home and Garden column for a local newspaper that centers largely on hobby activities. She is a jewelry maker and instructs seniors on how to make various pieces at a local senior center. Lisa W. enjoys stretching the imagination of her readers by combining different styles to create interesting finished products such as combining Zentangle with pendant making. Lisa W. specializes in hobby and craft activities for both adults and children.

Lisa W. also enjoys genealogy. She has produced a 650 page book to chronicle her family history. The book includes images from the late 1800s, tombstone chalks, anecdotes, family trees, correlation of events with history, and interviews. She has taught a class to students that covered how to conduct and decipher research, logical hypothesis development, and investigative skills. It culminated with a field trip to the National Archives to conduct research on the Census records.


Lisa W. enjoys writing topics focused on the entertainment industry. As a former aspiring film producer (the focus of her undergraduate degree), Lisa W. keeps her finger on the pulse of entertainment and mainstream media. She produces informative, witty, and arresting articles that pique readers interests.


Lisa W. writes about parenting scenarios and experiences from a variety of perspectives. Her penchant for thorough research adds to the quality of these pieces. She approaches the topic from a position of commiseration and encouragement.


Lisa W. has written many articles on education and the impact of blended learning, as well as the merits of online education. Having completed a degree online and currently teaching courses online, she has unique insight into the challenges faced by both students and teachers.


Lisa W. has written several fashion and beauty articles geared towards caring for natural and processed hair, fashionable dressing without breaking the bank, and accessorizing with jewelry, handbags, and shoes.


Lisa W. has created many pieces on the art of crafting and DIY projects. She is a jewelry maker and scrapbooker as well, which aids her in understanding the intricacies of craft making. Because of her her technical writing background, she is able to create comprehensive step-by-step instructions for readers.


Lisa W. has written several articles about how to prepare for interviews, what to wear, and how to present oneself when interviewing for a job. She has also tutored individuals in a community center setting to the same end.

Home Living

Lisa W. enjoys writing articles that empower people to make change in their lives. She writes home living article that teach people how to create new looks with their space, repurpose materials they already have, and think outside the box.


Lisa W. has an MBA with a focus in Organizational Leadership. She worked as a project manager for 17 years in the IT and Direct Mail industries and holds Network+ and IT Project Management+ certifications. Research documentation for her degree was completed in several areas of business including Accounting, Finance, Economics, Leadership, and Change Management. Lisa W. also completed partnering and business relationship white papers during the course of her tenure as a project manager.


Lisa W. has discussed such topics as divorce, emotional abuse, as well as dating ideas. Her versatility with this subject matter is impressive. Ideas are provided for date night between married couples. Dos and Don'ts in brand new relationships are also covered. She can write from all sides of the spectrum and will conduct research to ensure accuracy.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Facebook Post100+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Lisa W. has written blogs in the parenting, lifestyle, fitness, and entertainment industries. Her ability to bring a topic full circle in an engaging manner and within a reasonable word count has been applauded by readers ad editors alike.

Facebook Post

Lisa W. can create compelling social media snippets (posts) that will entice viewers to click. She specializes in producing leading posts that give jsut enough about the topic and business without being wordy and keyword stuffed. She has written Facebook posts for the travel, vehicle insurance, entertainment, and fitness industries.

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