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Melissa has been working as a freelance writer since graduating from college with a BA in English in 1994.

Melissa has written many investigations for the juvenile court system, taking complex information and breaking it down into comprehensive reports. Further, Melissa has written on topics such as real estate, gardening, parenting and fundraising.

She has written for Garden Guides, Ehow and Livestrong.

Melissa has extensive knowledge of HVAC systems, after considerable research in the HVAC industry. She works hard to always keep up to date on new technologies in the field.

Melissa writes for Reuters and Find Law, providing legal articles for legal research purposes.

Melissa has a sense of humor and would prefer writing things that are fun but understands that 50 landing pages on male hair restoration products will pay the rent.
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Melissa N's Article Product Experience

390 Projects Completed

Melissa's main area of experience writing online has been writing informational articles for a variety of content buyers over the internet.


Melissa has written a variety of articles and specializes in topics such as real estate, legal information, gardening and religious studies.


Melissa is interested in music, art, nonprofit management, homelessness prevention, computer technologies, real estate and social services. She is an avid reader and research enthusiast.


Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Melissa graduated from college in 1994 where she was a writer for the college newspaper, She traveled abroad her senior year to London, England. She was a member and performed in the college jazz band and played for both the softball and volleyball teams.

Smith College

Melissa is in the process of obtaining her Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work from Smith College in Northampton, MA.


372 Projects Completed

Melissa has a BA in English with a concentration in business and marketing. She has studied current marketing trends extensively and created two ebooks on marketing automation techniques used today.


294 Projects Completed

Melissa is a Certified Nurses' Aide and has completed additional college coursework in Human Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Chemistry and Microbiology. She has worked as an assistant for two chiropractors, spending time setting up patients and reviewing medical charts. Melissa has also written complex reports on the welfare of children that included reviewing all medical records, and summarizing the information provided.


278 Projects Completed

Melissa has written a large number of articles for HVAC, plumbing and construction professionals. Primarily blog entries, Melissa focuses on blog content that will bring customers to your website looking for further information.


214 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Melissa has worked as a paralegal for two different attorneys, providing online content and writing reports as needed.

Melissa worked in law offices that specialized in estate planning, elder law, family law and child welfare law.

As a writer of legal content, Melissa has written articles on laws for used car sales, including lemon law guidelines in a number of states. Further, she has written articles on revocable living trusts, estate planning tips and how to apply for disability benefits.

Melissa is able to take complex legal information, research the topic and provide a comprehensible article for the average reader.

Real Estate

210 Projects Completed

Melissa has written many articles for an online website where she has sold articles relating to all aspects of real estate.

Article topics in real estate include the basics of a reverse mortgage and real estate trends for 2013.

Melissa also writes the real estate blog for five separate real estate agents throughout the United States and Canada.


141 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Melissa has written a number of pregame summaries for buyers online, predicted winners for betting websites, and written numerous sports articles for local newspapers in her area.


106 Projects Completed

Melissa has written extensive content on the Episcopal Church, metaphysics, tarot cards and astral travel. She enjoys studying religion, and is an active member of an Episcopal Church in her area. She has continued her education in religious studies by attending classes offered by her parish priest.

Melissa has also produced content for Bliss, a printed magazine offered at St. John's Episcopal Church.

Non Profit

18 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Melissa is the President of a start up nonprofit agency that aids families who are in financial crisis due to a medical emergency.

Product Description

429 Projects Completed

Melissa is a strong writer of product descriptions. She had studied marketing and understands the need for accurate, descriptive product descriptions.

Melissa has been writing for over twenty years, and began writing product descriptions when content wasn't always on the internet.


390 Projects Completed

Melissa's main area of experience writing online has been writing informational articles for a variety of content buyers over the internet.

Email Copy

49 Projects Completed

Melissa has created a significant number of email campaigns for non-profit groups raising money through email solicitations. She works hard at getting the point across quickly in emails, understanding that recipients often receive many emails a day and will glance over the content.

Newsletter Content

32 Projects Completed

Melissa has written a regular newsletter a non-profit group she runs for over the past two years. She gathers information from resources and prepares the information to be sent out through email to a large list of recipients. Melissa is a quick writer, able to take a bunch of tiny news bits and create a readable document.

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