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With a bachelor's in English with a writing concentration and a master's in secondary English education, Nicole is not the average writer. She has taken classes in everything from how to write nonfiction to scripting and directing one-act plays. In her recent professional life, she was an English teacher for over five years in New York State's public school system as well as an Office Administrator at the New York State Comptroller's Office. In all of her positions, writing has been an integral part of her responsibilities whether she was doing it herself, working as part of a team, or teaching others how to do it.

What makes her a great candidate for any assignment is her prior writing experience with a wide variety of web copy and general writing experience. Through Textbroker, primarily, and other independent organizations, she has written movie summaries, curriculum content, product descriptions, "About Us" pages, and informative articles. Beyond the web, Nicole has held a variety of secretarial and teaching positions. Combine that experience with her education and love of writing, and she is a valuable asset to have on your team.

One of the things that sets Nicole apart from other writers is her diligence. She is a hard-worker and a perfectionist. She will work with as much diligence on a 100-word assignment as she would a 1,200 word one because all assignments deserve the utmost quality. That being said, Nicole is always punctual, preferring to be ahead of schedule rather than down to the wire with deadlines. Nicole always strives to do her best, and her work reflects that.


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Nicole H's Web Page Product Experience

36 Projects Completed

Nicole has written web pages including: "About Us" sections of websites, suggestions for saving on heating, recommendations on what major you need to be a teacher, and tips on finding the right nanny.

Industry Projects

  • Office100+
  • Business20+
  • Kids/Family20+
  • Education20+
  • Relationships20+
  • Home Living10+
  • Entertainment10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Nicole has worked for several different businesses in the length of her career doing a variety of writing work. While each writing project and assignment was not paid individually, as an Office Administrator, writing was a part of her daily responsibilities. Nicole has written countless memos, meeting minutes, handouts, PowerPoint presentations, and internal office documents. In addition, she has partaken in the editing, revising, and rewriting of a series of manuals for several databases while at the Comptroller's office.


Whether it is advertising for a business, writing an "About Us" describing a business' services, or helping a business select the right service to fit their needs, Nicole has experience writing it. Nicole has written pieces of business plans, written marketing literature, created PowerPoint presentations, and even created business brochures. She has even ghostwritten for a business coach on her blog. Put that together with a bachelor's degree that had a minor in business and you'll see that Nicole can take care of your business writing needs.


Nicole has done extensive work with children and family types of articles. Many have been centered around young children and family decisions. With a set of twin boys of her own, she is very familiar with the issues and joys of raising children and loves to write about them.


Nicole's work in the area of education is vast. Whether the topic is related directly to schooling or to educate readers on a topic or area of concern, Nicole has experience writing it. She even has her own monthly education column in a paper called Our Towne.

Nicole has a wide range of knowledge in the education field covering: secondary English education, special education, early childhood education, special needs children, and autism. Her education writing isn't limited to the field of education however. She has also helped others understand how they can protect themselves, their homes, and their families from a variety of outside threats.


When it comes to relationships, Nicole has experience writing and experiencing a host of different kinds. Whether she is writing about those between a boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, family relationships (especially the step dynamic), or a parent/child, Nicole has got it covered. The last of which is where Nicole devotes most of her writing time. With a set of preschool-aged twins and an education degree in hand, Nicole is familiar with the struggles that come with parenting newborn(s), disciplining young children, engaging children in learning and activities, as well as fostering independence in a positive way.

Home Living

Nicole has amassed a love of all things HVAC. She has written several articles surrounding heating and cooling choices, needs, and even conservation. Fueled by her own experiences with home ownership and heating and cooling, it is a topic she enjoys writing about.


An avid watcher of films and a follower of entertainment news, Nicole has written many different pieces for the entertainment industry. She has written entertainment blog posts, biographies, entertainment articles, and movie summaries. All of her work in this area has been done in a timely manner and received high praise from clients.

Product Projects

  • Article50+
  • Blog Post20+
  • Web Page20+

Summary of Product Experience


Nicole has written articles for numerous websites. Some topics have included home improvement, parenting, health, entertainment, business, technology, and education.

Blog Post

The paid blogs were all for parenting websites. In addition to the paid ones, however, Nicole has written an additional ten or more unpaid ones, both for her personal blog and for a joint blog, which she shares with two other women.

Web Page

Nicole has written web pages including: "About Us" sections of websites, suggestions for saving on heating, recommendations on what major you need to be a teacher, and tips on finding the right nanny.

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